How to Win at Video Poker

How to Win at Video Poker

If you start out playing video poker at an online casino, then chances are you will be going in with the aim to win some money. This isn’t always easy and video poker is something you need to get to know before you can even think about trying to start making profits. That’s where we come into it. In this article, we will help you to find the best ways to start winning at video poker.

Choose the Right Game

There are a huge number of video poker variants, but not all are as good for winning as others. As such, our first piece of advice would be to choose a game like Jacks or Better, or Deuces Wild.

Both of these games are very popular – and that means that whatever online casino you sign up with, there will be a good chance they will have these games. This means that it is easier to stick to the game you know best. Also, these are generally games that have good pay tables. Pay Tables are very important and that is why we suggest starting on these games.

Choosing the Best Paytable

As we stated before, there may be a number of different Deuces Wild games at a casino, but they may well have different pay tables. The paytable is what sets the game’s minimum and maximum bet and win that the game can offer. It is important to read up on pay tables so that you get a better idea of what they are and what they mean, but ultimately, the paytable is what gives you the control. The best paytable will provide an RTP return of 99.5%+ if you implement a decent strategy.

Playing with a Strategy

If you want to win playing video poker, you need to engage a strategy. If you don’t play with a strategy, it will just become a game of luck, like a slot machine. You can often find strategy cards available for these two games – but you will find that you need to use a different strategy for both these games – so pick the game you prefer and choose your strategy based on that.

When you get a strategy chart for your chosen game, you will have a list of the different hands in order. You then read through the list and keep the first hand listed that is the same as your dealt hand.

Claim Your Video Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses can come in very handy when chasing those wins. If you want to be successful at video poker, you need to go out your way to chase big wins. If you want to win big, then you will need to get a top paying hand, and make bets of more than 5 coins to get a decent return – you’ll want to get a Royal Flush or the like…

Getting a top paying hand isn’t that easy – and the more hands you play, the more chance you will get of landing a top winning hand. So, if you take advantage of video poker bonuses, you will have more opportunities to play, and hence more opportunities to get a high paying video poker hand.

Keep it Basic

The game of poker itself is pretty straightforward once you know your game, your paytable and your poker strategy – and you know to make bets of 5 or more coins.

That’s it, you need to stick with the basics and not play around too much trying to be too flash. If you don’t stick to the basics, chances are you won’t maximise your winning potential. If you start looking for dodgy systems because they won’t end up well. Make sure that you try out the game, start off playing for free using these strategies and see how you fare. You will be playing for real money – and winning, in no time!

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