The Most Common Online Poker Mistakes

The Most Common Online Poker Mistakes

Games such as slots – well, they are all a matter of luck, and although you might play for free to get to know the games and the bonus, there’s not much you can do to maximise your chances of a win, The reels will land however they want to land. However, games like poker allow you to manipulate the outcome and influence the result. Video poker gives you a lot of influence over whether you win or lose, so before you play for money you need to avoid these costly mistakes that could end up losing you a lot of money:

Not Playing the Classic Video Poker Games

With all the different variations of video poker games out there, it’s very easy to be drawn to the fancy new titles that are all singing all dancing. However, the only reason you would be drawn to these games is because you like to be excited by new options rather than because you want to win the game. The biggest mistake players make is not mastering the classics first. As you play, you will find that mastering traditional and classic poker games is much more profitable. So, get started with games such as Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better and master these games first. Don’t be tempted by the fancy new release!

Not Understanding the Pay Table

This is where most video poker players will lose most of their money. If you fail to understand how a video poker paytable works and how much influence they have over how much you win or lose, then this could be a very costly mistake.

There are two main factors at play when it comes to how much you win or lose playing poker – the paytable and how you play the hand you are dealt. If you don’t choose the right pay table, this could cost you as much as 5% of your winnings. This is all to do with the house edge. Some paytables have a house edge of under 0.5% and others can be over 0.6%. The higher the house edge, the worse it is, as it means that you stand to lose more over time. So, before you play any game, check the house edge on the table.

Not Using a Strategy

The main reason that players don’t use a strategy is simply out of laziness. Why else would you not? Either that or they don’t understand how important it is. It’s really very easy to find a basic strategy card online for your choice of online poker and it takes next to no time to get it. You can find these everywhere, so easily and quickly. Not bothering with one is a very costly and silly mistake.

Not Playing Online Poker

The beauty of online casinos is that they bring all the variety of video poker games right to you, wherever you are, whenever you want. Playing video poker is the same whether you do so at a casino or online – with both you would use the exact same strategy. Playing online poker simply makes a lot of sense.

First off, it’s much easier to look around and find a good paytable at an online casino. If you don’t know what to look for, simply search for Jacks or Better and choose the 9/6 paytable which is excellent – and not many land-based casinos have it. What’s more, when okaying at online casinos, you can often benefit from a poker bonus – which can help you play for a longer time and get in more gameplay. You also have more options when it comes to coin value, so you have more control over how much you bet.


Playing video poker isn’t rocket science but you need to go in prepared and know what you are doing. Before you go into it, pick a classic game, look at the paytable with the best house edge and get your strategy card to hand – the search online to make the most of your poker experience. Do this, and you’re much more likely to get a better outcome.

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