Football betting tips. How to bet on football |

Football betting tips. How to bet on football |

Football betting tips. How to bet on football?

Watching, placing online bets on football matches, looking for tips – this is how a bettor’s path most often goes. A person follows a favorite game, then becomes interested in wagering, but loses, so he/she starts seeking help and advice. However, it would be more reasonable to start this online betting journey with theory. The soccer line is traditionally wider than the lines in other sports, it includes a rich variety of options, which may seem quite overwhelming and confusing. is here to lend you a helping hand and clear up such questions as what is necessary to understand when you get down to staking on soccer, how betting on football works, how to place a bet on football, as well as outline the main betting rules on football events and provide best tips for betting on football.

Guide to betting on football

The main mistakes most novice players usually make have an emotional nature. They either wager on their favorite team, regardless of the real situation on the field, or wishing to have it all immediately, they stake large sums on the outcome without working out a bankroll plan and following a clear strategy. This can work once. The second time, the player often loses the whole bank. Hence, it begs the question – how does betting work in football? Hundreds of soccer events are out there, with a slew of options available daily. The point is to choose the most favorable offer from them, to that end, it’s necessary to be well-versed in existing options, make a proper analysis, and pursue certain strategies.

This guide will make these main football betting aspects clearly explained.

How do football betting lines work?

The line is a set of stakes with odds offered for the event. The line consists of markets, like match results, handicaps, double chance, statistics, etc. A number of options offered for a soccer matchup within a major championship, say, the UEFA Champions League, may reach 100 or even more!  

Among the most widespread markets here, you’ll find the following: 

  • Match outcome – here, you wager on the victory of the first/second team or on a tie score.
  • Double chance – it’s possible to pick 2 outcomes out of 3 possible ones, mentioned in the previous type.
  • Totals – this refers to the number of goals scored, usually, you need to predict whether this number will be over or under the spread indicated.
  • Handicaps – stakes on the winner of the encounter, taking into account the handicap (advantage), which can be either minus or plus. 
  • Correct score – it’s necessary to predict the exact final score of the matchup.

Before punting on the selected outcome, you need to evaluate the odds, as well as choose the right time – the values may change, and frequently, to more favorable ones in the course of a game. The lines can move due to various reasons, e.g., a key player of one of the teams will not be able to participate in the upcoming match, as a result, odds on the opposing team significantly decrease; or in case if a huge number of punters start to wager on a favorite, rates often begin to lower. 

Betting on football games: the most profitable events

Soccer lines may include a whole lot of competitions, ranging from minor local tournaments to world championships. Undoubtedly, if you are familiar with the peculiarities of such exotic events as the leagues of Haiti, Zambia, or Malta, you can earn good money. But it’s better to select the status competitions. Firstly, it’s easier to find information, statistics and broadcasts. Secondly, the odds are higher, and the coverage is wider. And thirdly, the probability of match-fixing is much lower. Thus, it is worth paying attention to the following tournaments:

  • Champions League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish Primera
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Portuguese Super League
  • European Championship
  • Copa America

How to make a bet on football at

It’s easy as pie! First off, you need to register and go to the sports section. Select soccer from the discipline list and find the tournament you’re interested in. Then, just pick a certain match and click on the outcome, which seems to you a winning one. It’ll be added to the coupon and calculated automatically. That’s all about it!

Best tips for betting on football

If you are wondering how to win money on football bets, then you have to be ready to take the time to collect and analyze info about the selected competition, the teams and players with their motivation and history of recent encounters.

And for the finale, our best practices to make your staking more effective:

  • When the outsider scores an early goal, it makes sense to stake on the favorite’s victory or handicap. 
  • When wagering live, watch at least 15 minutes of the broadcast to analyze the situation and make the right decision. 
  • Consider that when a footballer receives a red card at the start of the game, it is very likely that the opponent will drop at least one goal. 
  • Do not stake large sums, which exceed 20% of your bank.
  • Do not punt at odds lower than 1.1.
  • Always read and take heed of experts’ pre-match predictions but never follow them blindly.
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