How to bet on football. A brief guide

How to bet on football. A brief guide

On Cyber.Bet you can not only bet on esports but also make wagers on football matches. Below you find a brief guide on betting football betting.

Why football?

Football is the most popular kind of sport in the world. Its estimated audience is about 3.5 billion people! Football is quite easy to understand and is spread across the globe. Every day dozens of official matches are played from China to Peru. Esports fans are also into football, that is why Cyber.Bet made it possible to bet on this kind of sport without leaving the website.

Football betting is available here

Bet on the match result

Cyber.Bet offers different match markets. Betting on the match result (1×2) is one of them. You can bet on one of the team’s victories or a draw. If the match ends with an outcome you predicted, you get your profit.

To make the right choice, you need to learn about both sides: their current form, the last results, and match history in a particular match-up. Pay attention to how teams play their home and away matches. Investigate how they perform during different parts of the season or, for example, after the international games break. This can be crucial! You can always find predictions by ex-pro players or journalists and commentators, but it is still better to get things in order by yourself.

Bet on total

Total is a bet on how many goals will be scored in the game. For example, if you bet on “Over 1.5”, you mean that teams will score two or more goals. If this happens, you get your profit no matter the result of the game. If you bet on “Under 1.5”, you win in case of score lines at 1:0 in anyone’s favor or 0:0.

What do you need to bet on total? Take your time to learn both teams’ statistics and their playing styles. If both sides play in attacking style, you may consider betting on “over”. If both teams prefer defensive style, think about betting on “under”. If two teams with different play styles face each other or favorite plays versus an outsider, you need to review their latest games and the history of this match-up or games versus similar opponents. This could help you to make the right decision.

Bet on handicap

The third kind of wagering available on Cyber.Bet is a bet on handicap. When you bet on handicap, the digit in brackets is added to the team’s number of scored goals. If this sum is higher than the other team’s number of goals, your bet is victorious.

Let’s have a look at the picture above. If you bet on Herta (1.5) and the game is finished 2:1 in favor of Borussia, your bet is victorious because 2.5 (1+1.5) is more than the number of goals Borussia scored (2). If you bet on Borussia (-1.5) and they won the game 3:1, you still won the bet as 1.5 (3-1.5) is more than 1.

Betting on handicap makes sense if you are sure that favorite will win with a big difference or vice versa, the outsider gives a good fight.

You can try to bet on football right now! Bet on Bundesliga, Primera Liga, and other leagues on Cyber.Bet!

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