How to bet on pistol rounds in CS:GO?

How to bet on pistol rounds in CS:GO?

Pistol rounds are one of the most essential features in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and one of the most interesting option of CS:GO betting. On pro scene, milliseconds and pixel can decide fate of round, match or champion title. Therefore, the round, which can allow you to lead 2:0 or 3:0 on one side, becomes crucial. What are the main features of pistol rounds and what do you need to know to bet on them?

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Why pistol rounds are unique?

Why pistol rounds differs a lot from others? The thing is in the beginning of every map’s half teams start with only 800 dollars for each player. Considering the costs of devices, players can only afford pistols, light armor or grenades (and even not simultaneously). Such conditions are unique and can be met only in two rounds per single map.

Pistol rounds also matters a lot. If team takes pistol round, it has a great chance to establish strong economy by winning several rounds in a row. Of course, if players do not make mistakes and not lose rounds to much weaker buy. By taking two pistol rounds, you can guarantee yourself “free” six rounds. A big deal for the game, that lasts to 16 points!

That is why those days pro teams give special attention to pistol round tactics and aiming with pistols. There are many tactics for such rounds. Some can buy just five light armors, some can strengthen one or two star players with non-default pistols, when they buy armor for themselves. There are also options with one or two players buying a lot of utilities. Teams can play fast rounds, or wear down the enemy with slow plays. CT-side can even let offense to take bombsite without a single shot to retake it with five men. The number of scenarios is uncountable so we give you some CS:GO betting advice.

What makes difference on pistol rounds?

Considering equal financial resources and extremely high players’ level on current pro scene, the chances of taking any pistol round might look fifty-fifty. Nevertheless, there are several points, that can help good bettor to take the right decisions.

First of all, on pistol rounds pure individual skill matters more than ever. Ability of performing two or three headshots in the rounds matters more than even (it is to be recalled, that helmets are unavailable). That is why Team Astralis has the highest win rate on pistol rounds trailing twelve month. Danish powerhouse wins more than 56% of such rounds overall and nearly 60% on CT side! This is explained by the fact, that in defense you often need just to stay and wait till opponent shows to shot him down with one bullet in the head (default T side pistol does not kill with one headshot).

Team Heroic got very high win rate on pistol rounds versus top 30 teams, despite not being even in top 10 of world ranking. The thing is Danish players were always famous with their aiming skills, even if tier two players can suffer when it comes to complicated tactics. They can just shoot you down any time without complicated strategies. French and Belgian players are super famous with their aim with pistols. Vitality got one of the best win rate on pistol rounds on the whole pro scene and even Gamer Legion squad (which has already disbanded) featured “one tap king” ScreaM won more pistol rounds than Astralis!

You also should always remember about North American teams. Local squads rarely win big tournaments, but they were always famous with their arcade and aggressive playstyle and strong individual performance that help them to fill in blanks in their tactical knowledge. Liquid, Evil Geniuses and even Cloud9, which suffered lot, have one of the highest win rates on pistol rounds trailing twelve month.

What about maps?

Of course, you cannot rely on abstract win rate without thinking about specific match-up and especially map picks. Some maps got more ways to comfortably approach one of the bombsites for offense there for T side players can easily plant the C4 and play from the position of strength after this. Some maps, on the other hand, got a lot of open spaces, on which CT default pistol can be extremely effective.

One of the best maps for defending on pistol rounds is Dust 2. Open spaces there are hard to cover by one or two smoke grenade and defenders with USP Tacticals are ready to shut down attackers. The funny thing is such map configuration helps CTs on pistol rounds, but makes it hard to defend during full buy rounds. This is one of the most spectacular examples of difference between pistol rounds and the rest of the game.

As you can see now, betting on pistol rounds is a genuine art. You can try yourself as an analyst at Cyber.Bet! Among all CS:GO betting sites, Cyber.Bet offers the highest odds and, high maximums and a lot of options.

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