Boxing Box Office! Betting Guide 2021

Boxing Box Office! Betting Guide 2021

Boxing betting has never been more popular than it is now, and fans of boxing will be renewing their subscriptions to Sky Sports so that they can watch all the action as it happens. This is where to find your boxing news. Whether it’s news about World Title fights, the latest boxing odds and betting markets on the next Anthony Joshua fight, the best licensed and regulated betting sites with the best betting odds and promotions. Our Box Office boxing betting guide will help you find the next big fight to bet on!

Fight Night – Picking the Right Online Boxing Site

There are lots of boxing betting websites out there right now, all competing to get you through the door on Saturday fight night to place a bet on the fight of the night. All around the world, boxing fans switch on the TV and watch as one fighter goes head to head in a bout where anything could happen. It could be over in one round or could go right through to the end. So, how do you decide which is the right boxing betting site for you?
Markets – Look at the Different markets, the best online boxing betting sites will offer a huge range of value bets and markets for WBO, WWBC fights, winner bets, method of victory bets, live betting, round betting, going the distance, draw no bet odds etc.
Generous odds – A good online boxing betting website will offer generous odds on all fights, whether it’s a long-awaited World title fight or an undercard super welterweight fight. If there’s a bout on, they should have odds on it, no matter what the weight category.

World Title News

Undoubtedly, the bout that will always garner the most attention in terms of betting markets, betting odds and tips, it will be a world title fight.

Tyson Fury

Currently, the world heavyweight champion of the ring in the WBC world of boxing is British boxer, Tyson Fury. He tried for the title once against Deontay Wilder, and was controversially a draw based on points, however, when the fighters had a rematch, Tyson Fury proved his worth and knocked out his opponent, making the British fighter WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World.
Fury also holds the Lineal World Heavyweight Championship, which is the most respected title of all to boxing fans. To date, Fury has never suffered a loss inside the ring in his entire career, although many boxers have tried.

Anthony Joshua

IBF World Heavyweight Champion – Anthony Joshua. The other heavyweight champion of the world is another British fighter, Anthony Joshua, who won the title back in 2016 after just 16 professional bouts. This title will be up for grabs when he faces the fight of his career against Tyson Fury later this year. Other contenders for the title are likely to be the winner of the upcoming clash between Michael Hunter and Filip Hrgovic.
As well as the IBF Heavyweight champion title, Joshua also holds the WBO world heavyweight title. He first won the title by beating Klitschko. Despite Klitschko being ahead and knocking Joshua down in round 6, he came back and knocked out the Russian boxer in round 11.
He did lose the title after a shock result when Ruiz Jr beat him in June 2019, causing an international media sensation, but he got his revenge on the rematch later that year by winning all of the rounds on points and garnering a unanimous points decision!

Heavyweight Boxing News

The most long-awaited fight in the foreseeable future will be when both the above boxers go head to head, in a boxing match to end all boxing matches. The world title fight will see both fighters put two titles on the line for a shot at taking all the titles. Online betting sites will be falling over themselves to offer odds and markets for this fight – and any rematch that follows, which is bound to happen no matter who wins. The boxing box office is set to go crazy ahead of the match and customers will be getting their bets in early. This is the event that the world is waiting for, with both British boxers looking to be the final one standing. As the fight gets nearer, the betting odds will start to circulate and people will look for tips on which of the fighters they think will win the fight, which fighters will be on the undercard and how you can make money by gambling on the main event.

Other Weight Category Boxing News

However, heavyweight is just one weight category, there are plenty of other fighters in other weight categories that can bring in value bets. These international bouts can be just as exciting as the heavyweight bouts and most online bookmakers and gaming websites will offer boxing odds to their customers on a number of markets, especially when a boxer is facing their opponent for a shot at the title! These fights can be seen live on TV channels, as well as boxing betting sites that offer live streaming.

The Most Successful Boxers of All Time

Here are the best boxers of all time – that boxer that has gone the rounds, been knocked down and got back up again. Those boxers that always have the odds on their side and that were always the ones to bet on. Here are the boxers that have gone the distance:
Mayweather Jr: Arguably, in terms of number points, he is the best of all time with a record of 50-0-0. He has garnered 2,256 points and is one of the highest earnings sports men of all time.
Manny Pacquiao: In terms if point, next in Manny Pacquiao with a record of 62-7-2 and 1,637 points
Carlos Monzon. Number three on our list, Monzon has a record of 87-3-9 and has earned 1,586 points.
Sugar Ray Robinson: At number four, Sugar Ray Robinson has a record of 175-19-6 and has earned 1,512 points.
Muhammad Ali: Arguably the real ‘greatest of all time’ Muhammad Ali has a record of 56-5-0 and earned 1,485 points.
Joe Louis: In his career, he got an impressive 66-3-0 record and 1,475 points.
Bernard Hopkins: The Executional managed a record of 55-8-2 and earned 1,470 points.
Archie Moore: The longest reigning world light heavyweight champion of all time has a record of 186-23-10 and earned 1,282 points.
Oscar De La Hoya: Winning 10 titles in 6 divisions, De La Hoya has a record of 39-6-0 and 1,259 points.
Julio Cesar Chavez: The final one to make our list is Chavez with a record of 107-6-2 and 1,198 points.

Title Fights

On our website, we want to bring you box office news of all the big boxing events and title fights. Whether it’s WBO or WBC boxing fights, we are here to bring you news, previews and the best odds to help you bet on any fight.

Boxing News FAQs

When is the Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury Fight?

Although there is no fixed date for the event yet, it is set to take place in either June or July 2021. Make sure to check our website for updates so that you can find out when this WBO v WBC bout will happen.

Who is the Welterweight Champion?

There are several different Welterweight champions at any one time: The WBA Super champion is Yordenis Ugas, WBA Regular Champion is Jamal James and Champion in Recess is Manny Pacquiao. The WBC and IBF Champion is Errol Spence Jr and the WBA Champion is Terence Crawford.

Can I Watch Boxing on Sky Sports?

Yes, if you want to watch a world title fight live that you have placed a bet on, then you can do so on Sky Sports. You can also live stream it at one of our recommended boxing betting websites as long as you have placed a bet on the fight.

Which is the Best Betting Site for Boxing?

The best betting website for boxing will offer generous odds, win bets, rounds betting and promotions on all fights, whether it’s IBF, WBO or WBC fights. The best betting website will also be fully licensed such as Cyber.Bet.

Where Can I find the Best Boxing Betting Tips?

Whether you are looking for tips on the next WBO fight or whether a fighter will be knocked out in the first round, check out our website blog for all the most valuable and up to date tips.

Where Can I Watch a Boxing Match Live?

If you don’t want to pay for a Sky Sports subscription or fork out for a PPV event, then we would recommend you make a bet at a bookmaker that offers live streaming. First, customers have to make a bet (usually a minimum bet is required) then they can tune in and watch the fight live as it happens.

How Can I Win a Boxing Bet?

First thing’s first, there is no way to guarantee a win. However, the best way to win a bet is to research the fight first and find out as much as you can to make the most informed decision.

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