The Best Football Betting Markets

The Best Football Betting Markets

Football is one of the most popular sports for sports betting. It has been around for over one hundred years and fans of the sport all over the world can’t resist taking a cheeky punt on the game. However, not everyone knows what they are doing when making a bet. Accumulators might be fun, but they are high risk and the chances of winning are minimal. If you are looking to have fun and make some money on your bets, here are our most recommended football betting markets:

Straight Match Winner/ Single Bet

This is the most popular with most football fans and is the type of bet promoted by most online football betting sites. Originally, this was the only bet you could make, and all you had to do was simply put money on the result. Guess which team would win or whether it would end up a draw.

Because this doesn’t always represent value if there is a clear match favourite, some people like to bet on multiples/accas, which means predicting the result of a number of different games. Although you can stand in line to win more money, there is a much higher risk attached. Accas give you a small chance of winning big, but making single bets is a better way to try and make smaller amounts more often.

Draw No Bet

This one is lower in value than single straight winner bets but is great if you are worried about that annoying last-minute injury-time equaliser that happens more often than not. This type of betting market does exactly what it says on the tin. If the match ends in a draw then the bet is void and you can get your stake back. An interesting stat is that draws are actually slightly more common than the away win, so if you are betting on the away team, making it a draw no bet wager isn’t a bad idea.

Betting on a Draw

The value of draw bets tends to start off at 2/1. Although this is probably the least exciting football bet to make, it’s something to think about if you are betting on teams such as Brighton & Hove Albion who have around a 50% draw rate this season.

Although this may feel like your counting on your team to bottle it, if it does happen and you have put a bet on it happening, then you will feel better if you made some pretty decent cash on it!

Half-Time / Full-Time

This is slightly better value than the straight bet and is worth taking up if you feel that there is a team that often goes behind and then comes from behind. Often, if you bet on the same half time result as full-time result, the value won’t be much different. However, if you bet on one team to go behind and then to come back in the second half, this could make you some pretty decent money!

This is a way to add a little bit of excitement and variation when you know which teams perform better or worse in the second half.

Both Teams to Score

This type of betting market is usually added to a straight winner bet (i.e. Liverpool to win and Both Teams to Score). This is a simple 50-50 decision. Do you think both teams will score or not? Again, if you know that your team is pretty good but is a bit leaky when it comes to last-minute goals, this is a good bet to make. Or, if you are betting on a team that has a solid defence and a good record of clean sheets, then you could go the other way.

There are lots of excellent football bets that will offer value, especially if you combine them based on your knowledge. The more you get to know a team and its opponents, the more chance you have of making the best value bet.

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