The Super League

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, then you will have, no doubt, have heard of the ill-fated European Super League, the brainchild of owners who care more about money than football or its fans.

Despite the fact that all of the top Premier League teams have vowed to withdraw, as have many other European teams, it may be that the door isn’t quite closed yet – contracts have been signed. But what would this mean for football sports betting fans?

The Format

According to the website, the ‘Super League’ would consist of 20 of Europe’s top clubs – with 15 founding clubs alongside 5 clubs who would get in by qualification. There would be two groups of 10 clubs with more and away fixtures every season. After the group stage, eight of the clubs would then qualify for the knockout tournament until the Super League championship. The games would be mid week matches and teams would still be expected to play in domestic leagues.

What this Means for Football Betting

One of the beautiful things about betting on football is the variety of markets. You don’t just bet on Premier League winners or match winners. You also bet on which teams will qualify for Europe spots, who will face relegation etc. The Super League, as it stands is a stand-alone league. No club can get relegated, no club can get promoted. Furthermore, what incentive do the big 6 teams get to get into the Champions League if they are playing these very same teams week in, week out. The excitement of the Champions League and Europa League would be gone.

What it Means for Champions League and Europa League Betting

Ultimately, this would look set to replace the Champions League – which means that no teams outside the proposed ‘Big 6’ would get the chance to play Champions League football again. Champions League football can mean big money to teams, so for those teams who could well qualify under normal circumstances but aren’t included (such as Leicester) it would have a big knock-on effect.

Every season, teams fight tooth and nail to get into the top four for that very reason. Take that away and Premier League football loses some of its shine.

Betting on the Super League

As the uncertainty continues – the odds of it happening continue to change. One thing that football bettors can take advantage of right now are the actual bets on whether the Super League will ever happen or not.

Currently, big online bookmakers are running specials on whether it will go ahead – bets you can make on it include:
Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea NOT to play a Super League match before 2025.
Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea WILL play a Super League match before 2025.
Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea NOT to play a Champions League match in 2021-2022 season.
Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea NOT to play a Premier League match in 2021-2022 season.

Will it or Won’t it

If the majority of the football world gets their way, then it most definitely won’t happen. Fans, players, managers and even the government have all spoken up against it. Even the club owners who originally signed up to the new Super League have expressed their regret at the decision. But, is this now too late?

Real Madrid’s President, Florentino Perez has said that the clubs “cannot leave” the European League as they have signed binding contracts. He went on to say that clubs have said that they will leave ‘under pressure’. However, he says that ‘this project or another very similar one’ will go ahead soon.

It’s a difficult situation and no matter what the outcome, there will certainly be some very unhappy faces.

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