When to Cash Out Your Football Bets

When to Cash Out Your Football Bets

Most good bookmakers now offer punters a cash-out feature, which is basically when you decide to cash your bet out early and take whatever the bookmaker is offering you, in a ‘Deal or No Deal’ kind of way. But, when do you do it? This can cause some confusion, as you can often miss out on full wins if you keep cashing out early. Here is our guide on cashing out your football bets.

It’s All in the Head

The first thing you need to concede when you cash out is your headspace and where your mind is at. If, for example, you have a 6-team accumulator and your first 5 teams have won and the final game has yet to start. The odds of your bet stand at 60/1 and you made a £5 bet. At the moment the bookie is offering you £230 cash out value – but if the last game wins you stand to get £300. You need to decide whether you would rather have £230 in the hand or £300 in the bush. Depending on how confident you are about the last game, most would probably agree that the sensible decision would be to take the £230 on offer.

The Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Pretty much all betting sites now offer cash out betting. However, not all are created equally. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your football cash out site:

The markets: Although all sites generally offer cash out, not all sites offer cash out for all different football markets. As such, we would suggest that you look at the betting sites that offer the most football markets that are eligible for cash out. Ideally, you will be able to have the chance to bet on markets such as:
Match Result
Correct Score
Both Teams to Score
Double Chance
Next Team to Score
Half Time / Full Time
Outright markets
Special bets
The bonuses: Check out the bonuses and see whether they are eligible for cash out bets. Many aren’t so it’s worth seeing if many are.
The value of the cash out bets. Some are more generous than others. If you do cash out your bet, you want to get the best return possible.

When to Cash Out

Here are some of the factors you should consider when deciding whether or not to cash out your football bet:

The Final 10 Minutes: The last ten minutes are the most worrisome for anyone watching a game, especially if your bet or team is hanging on to a win by their fingertips. The opposing team will be throwing everything at it and if it’s a 1 goal lead, there are many times teams level up at the last knockings. If you are just about winning and have a decent offer, cash out may well be worth considering.
A Generous Offer: Sometimes you will be surprised at the generosity of a cash-out offer. If you see what has been offered and that would keep you more than happy, then take it! If you have a guaranteed decent return that looks good, it might be silly to risk it all.
Take the Previous Form Into Account: If you are betting on a team that you know are well versed at giving away last-minute sloppy bets, then take this into consideration. If the opposition whacks on a player that’s upsetting play, consider cash out. The more you know about the teams and players, the more you can evaluate whether taking the money is a good idea.


Ultimately, whether you decide to cash out or not is your decision alone. Are you prepared to risk the lot or would you rather play safe and take the money on offer. As with any betting, the more you know, the better your predictions will be and the better placed you will be to make a more informed decision.

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