UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 | Who’s your money on?

UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 | Who’s your money on?

If you’re one to follow UFC Fight Nights, you will be well aware that the next major event will be UFC261 and will feature the anticipated rematch between Usman vs Masvidal. The fight will be broadcast live from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Although there will be plenty of action in the build-up, the main event, and the one that most UFC bettors will be looking forward to will be Usman vs Masvidal 2 – but who will you put your money on for the win?

The Bookies Favourites

All of the biggest bookmakers around the world, including the UK and US, have Usman as the huge favourite – with most not giving Masvidal not much chance of success. Some bookmakers have him as high as ⅕, which would mean that you would need to bet £5 just to get a £1 return – which means it would barely be worth your time. Meanwhile, many bookies are offering odds around 3/1 for a Masvidal win, which would be tripling your money if Masvidal does defy the odds. These odds, although they may move slightly, don’t look set to change too much either.

The last time these two fighters met was at UFC 251 where Usman successfully defended his title by winning the fight by a unanimous decision. However, Masvidal didn’t have much time to prepare for the match, only taking the challenge on with less than a week’s notice after Gilbert Burns had a positive Covid test. It followed that Masvidal claimed that if he had a little more time to prepare for the bout, then the outcome may have been different. With a proper training camp and more physical and mental preparation, it may have ended differently.

At first, it looked as though there would be no rematch, what with Usman stopping Burns when they finally did meet in UFC258 and Masvidal set for a clash with Colby Covington. However, it all turned around when Usman called Masvidal out – and he was more than happy to accept the challenge – again. Usman wanted the rematch, Masvidal wanted the rematch… and President of the UFC Dana White wanted the rematch to happen.

The Prediction

Many people can’t see a different outcome than the one that came about in UFC251 and don’t give Masvidal any real hope of the win. However, that outcome is not impossible.

He will go in a lot more prepared this time – and will not have needed to lose 20lbs in 5 days. He will also have access to a proper training camp this time, which are both factors that will help him tremendously. Masvidal has his own style and if he sticks to it, he isn’t an easy guy to beat. He simply needs to stay inside Usman’s space and avoid Usman’s takedown attempts. He would then stand a pretty decent chance.

However, that’s easier said than done. In recent form, Usman has looked unstoppable and will be going into the fight on the back of a 17-fight winning streak and full of confidence. In fact, many are putting him in line as one of the all-time greats having successfully defended his title three times – with two being stopped inside the distance.

Usman’s secret to his success is all in the wrestling. In both his stoppage defences he went toe to toe with a diverse striking attack led by a stiff jab. However, he will not be able to use this strategy with Masvidal – if he does, he may struggle.

Too Much to Overcome

Despite being a great fighter, we think Masvidal will just have too much to overcome and Usman has too much in him – and Masvidak simply won’t be able to better him. However, putting money on Usman doesn’t seem worth it with those odds. If Masvidal does get his way – he will fly and if he does win it may well be by stoppage – so a cheeky punt on a stoppage win for Masvidal might be worth a go!

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