Shortest Player in the NBA Currently and All Time |

Shortest Player in the NBA Currently and All Time |

Shortest Player in the NBA Currently and All time

As the basketball saying goes, you can’t teach height, so it has been a sport of giants for most of its existence. It is considered that basketballers of appropriate measurements have significant advantages over their opponents. But is it always the case?

Are you sure that only tall basketballers can perform well and consequently bring you profits in sports betting? Do you still consider the height when getting down to basketball betting? We are here to break the mold! 

As practice shows, the smallest persons manage not only to get in the most prestigious basketball tournament, the NBA, but also achieve great success. So, let’s take a look at such renowned lowest NBA players to dispel your doubts!

Current NBA players under 6 feet

You’re probably wondering why exactly 6 feet and if there are strict height requirements in the National Basketball Association, aren’t you? Right off the bat, it should be mentioned that there are no official requirements to be drafted. However, it’s considered that being taller, you are more likely to make a substantial contribution to the club.

When the National Basketball Association was formed, the average height of a basketballer was 1.88 m, by 1980 it had risen to 1.98 m. Now, the average height of a basketballer ranges from 19.5 m to 19.8 m. Also, it much depends on the positions, thus, the average height of point guards should be 18.8 m, and of centers – 2.11 m.

So, going by these numeric values, the shortest active basketball player in the NBA today is Isaiah Thomas, his stated height is 1.75 m, but in reality, he looks even shorter on the court. Over the course of his career, Isaiah has faced distrust in his talent many times. In the 2011 draft, he was picked 60th, the last one! It was the Sacramento Kings that selected him. However, the Kings and, then, Phoenix Suns didn’t duly appreciate his skills and got rid of him – little did they know that they had parted with the future two-time NBA All-Star participant! 

It was the Boston Celtics that gave credence to Isaiah, thus, he became the lowest basketballer ever to score 50 points in the Association and the lowest one ever to make a triple-double. In 2017, Thomas suffered a severe hip injury, which still affects his level of play. Since the injury, Isaiah has changed several clubs in the Association – the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, New Orleans Pelicans. Currently, he is a free agent. 

Chris Clemons shares the title of the shortest player in the NBA currently. He joined the Houston Rockets during the Summer League, then, having signed a two-way deal, he was playing as point guard for an insignificant period of time for the club.

The second-shortest NBA player now is just three centimeters higher (1.78 m). Tremont Waters, a Boston Celtics point guard, was picked No. 51 in the 2019 draft. He spent two seasons with Boston getting 3.8 points and making 2.1 assists per game. The player is going to participate in the Bucks training camp and compete for a spot on the roster of the reigning National Basketball Association champions. 

Jared Harper ties for second place here. A young basketballer has just started his career in the NBA. Having tried prentice hand as a member of the Phoenix Suns, Northern Arizona Suns, New York Knicks, currently, he plays for the New Orleans Pelicans.

D.J. Augustin (1.8 m) now ranks No. 3 in terms of height. In spite of his small stature, he showed considerable promise. In 2008, the Charlotte Hornets signed him. Subsequently, he switched several clubs in a few seasons: the Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, etc. He distinguished himself the most in 2016-2020, playing within Orlando Magic, where he had nine rebounds, ten assists, and a near triple-double with fifteen points in a victory over the Phoenix Suns.

Who is the shortest basketball player in NBA history? 

The shortest NBA player in memory is Muggsy Bogues, with a height reaching only 1.60 m! He was called a midget! When he first mentioned that he actually dreamed of throwing the ball into the basket, he was laughed in his face, and he was assured that the probability of that happening was zero.

His talent first showed up when he played for the Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School and Wake Forest University teams. In 1987, he was taken No. 12 in the NBA draft and was chosen by the Washington Bullets with a $1 million contract! The rising star spent his first money on a Mercedes, house, and his father’s discharge. Interestingly, in his first season, Muggsy played alongside Manute Bol, whose height reaches 2.31 m!

In 1988, Muggsy joined the Charlotte Hornets, where he proved himself to be a talented forward with a good vision of the court, the ability to intercept the ball quickly, and brilliant speed. Within the Charlotte Hornets, he played for as many as ten years! 

By the 1997-98 season, Muggsy Bogues had scored 6,000 career points, made 6,000 assists, 1,200 interceptions, and picked up 2,000 rebounds. The rest of his career was marred by injuries. He ended his career as a coach at one of Charlotte’s schools.

Overall, the smallest guy played 14 seasons in the NBA as a point guard of the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors. All clubs are, to say the least, very prestigious. He was the leader in assists and interceptions in the history of the league. 

Shortest center in NBA

As far as you know, the center is usually the tallest player in the team and often has great strength and body mass. In the National Basketball Association, centers should be about 7 feet (2.13 m) tall. They traditionally play close to the basket in the low post. But among ‘men in the middle’, we can come across exceptions. The first one who springs to mind is Wes Unseld. He was 2.01 m tall, which didn’t stop him from becoming a renowned NBA player, coach, and manager. 

Among the other centers that are ‘under average’, we can name such former basketballers as Chuck Hayes (1.98 m), Dennis Rodman (2.01 m), Bill Russell (2.08 m), and Alonzo Mourning (2.08 m).

In wrapping up, it is worth pointing out that in order to succeed on the court, a player of short stature needs to be quite technically equipped, have high speed, and power. But the most important things are sincere desire, love of basketball, and self-confidence. And as practice shows, height is not the primary issue!

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