The Most Successful Clubs in England |

The Most Successful Clubs in England |

The Most Successful Clubs in England

If you are immersed in sports betting, you probably know that nothing can outcompete English football. In the motherland of soccer, where its traditions go back to the 19th century, there is the largest number of clubs – over 40,000, with the world’s first, Sheffield FC, founded here in 1857. But for more than a century, there has been a group of teams that stand out among the others with a great number of awards won. Who are these stars? Focus your betting online football efforts on the global giants to achieve success with them in tow – find the most successful English teams in our ranking!

Mainly, representatives of the EPL historically have found a place in the top ten of the most titled clubs in England. The EPL is, without doubt, paramount, but the first titles were attained even before its foundation, so the list of the top ten most successful English football clubs also includes some Championship stars.

When you place your bet on the Premier League‘s favorite, who do you always give preference to? Which Premier League team has won the most trophies? Surely, it’s Manchester United, no other choice! In order to move all the soccer clubs in England off the pedestal, pure success and a national fan base are not enough. Fortunately, MU has managed to go beyond it, having gained incredible success and tremendous support not only at home but also all over the earth! Man United has won 66 awards, including record twenty national titles. MU ranks first among the Premier League teams in the number of trophies – 13.

So, it’s United who has won the most trophies in England throughout history and remains the record holder today! The giant has been around since 1878, but the success didn’t come right away. The Mancunians didn’t win their first trophy until the 1907/08 season when they became champs of England for the first time. Their achievements are largely the result of the work of two famous coaches, Matt Busby (1945 – 1969, 1970 – 1971) and Alex Ferguson (1986 – 2013). It was under their leadership that the squad made real breakthroughs. Today, the Red Devils have names and a reputation, history, a stadium, fans, and enormous income. Generally speaking, they have everything they need to continue to be the best!

Liverpool, with its 63 awards in total, comes next in our list of the most successful clubs in England. Founded in 1892, the club gained the greatest number of its titles before the EPL. Its highly successful period was in the 1970s – 1980s, under Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley. Thanks to these leaders, the Reds have racked up an impressive number of trophies – 29, including 9 champion titles, 2 ‘Emirates tournaments’, 9 FA Community Shields, and 3 League Cups.  Liverpool performs better than other England’s teams in European championships. The Reds also have won all the important tournaments at the continental level. 

Who is usually favored by betting odds for FA Cup? Certainly, it’s Arsenal with its most Emirates trophies in England – 14! It’s the best English football team in London. Arsenal has existed since 1886. It claimed its first national trophy in 1930. One year after, the Londoners won the Championship, and then the Gunners attained 12 more titles. The last time it was in the 2003/04 season when Arsenal, under Arsène Wenger’s guidance, got through the EPL without any loss. In European competitions, Arsenal’s achievements are more modest. In 1969/70, the Londoners claimed a victory at one of the last Fairs Cup, and 24 years later, added the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup to their collection. The Gunners managed to make it into the UCL and the UEL but failed to win. In total, they have 47 awards under their belt.

The next position in the English football most successful club top list goes to Chelsea. Chelsea is among the English teams that are starring today. The Blues have been in the back seat for decades. But the change of ownership of the club turned this around in the early 2000s. Since then, almost every season, the Pensioners have been enriching their collection with new awards – 19 national tournament victories, including five league and five ‘Emirates tournament’ titles. Chelsea performs strongly on Europe’s stage as well – it can brag about two UCL, two UEL, and one Supercup titles. Overall, it has 32 victories to its name!

The next record holder for major trophies in England is Manchester City, with its 28 triumphs. Established in 1880, Man City had something to brag about even before the UAE sponsorship, however, becoming a wealthy club allowed the Citizens to notch victories on a regular basis. Thus, under heavy investors, in 13 years, the Sky Blues have gained 16 national awards. But the investments have not yet helped the Citizens in the European arena – the 1969/70 Cup Winners’ Cup remains the only significant prize of Man City. 

Tottenham Hotspur is the sixth-best football team in England. Although Tottenham can boast of a rich silverware collection, it hasn’t delighted us with resounding victories for a long time. The last major achievement of Spurs was in 2008. All in all, in domestic football, the Lilywhites gained 21 trophies, while in Europe – only 3.

Aston Villa is the strongest club in the Midlands, a European champion who has spent 90% of its existence in the top division. The history of the Lions begins in 1874. By 1920, they were five-time English champions and six-time winners of the ‘Emirates tournaments’. The team then went through decades of decline with occasional successes. In sum, the Villa has 24 medals to its name.

Everton, with its 24 glorious victories in the old days, is still one of Liverpool’s two leading clubs. It was Howard Kendall who brought Everton the largest number of titles in the 1980s-1990s. Since then, the Toffees haven’t put any silverware in the cupboard.

Newcastle United can brag about 12 domestic and 2 European triumphs. The Magpies trace their history back to 1892. In the first decades of the development of English soccer, Newcastle was really triumphant but later lost its leading position. At the national level, the Magpies have not won a major trophy since 1955, while their last international victory was in 1968.

Nottingham Forest can also show off only past achievements. It was Brian Clough’s team that won the English Champion title, three League Cups, and two European Cups. Although it all happened in the late ’70s, this still gives occasion to include Tricky Trees with their total of 13 trophies in our ranking.

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