Who will win the World Cup 2022 | Cyber.bet

Who will win the World Cup 2022 | Cyber.bet

Who will win the World Cup 2022?

There is not much time left before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. On November 21, the planet’s best clubs will go into the Middle Eastern fields, and the event itself will pass in a flash! However, every football World Cup is worth a wait of four long years. It’s not just a game of millions – it’s a sports performance of top quality! Although not all participants have been determined, the final draw has already taken place in Qatar. Online football betting experts and fans note that this time, there is no “life group” or “death group”. However, this does not mean that everyone will have the same path to the finals. Some quartets almost completely coincided with the ones from the previous edition, and some bright battles of the World Cup 2018 come to mind. Group B turned out to be politically tense. But is that what world sport is all about? Soccer is an island of friendship and rapprochement, and there is no place for politics on the playing field and in the stands! 

So, let’s take a look at the World Cup draw results and fixtures to weigh the chances and evaluate the x-factors for you to work out an effective sports betting strategy. 

World Cup football group betting insights

Group A was coveted, considering that the Qatar team, the host of the World Cup, is included there. However, it can’t be called a difficult opponent. By the will of the lot, the national teams of Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands became Qatar’s opponents. The Dutch appear to be the clear favorite in this quartet, while Senegal and Ecuador are likely to fight for second place. 

It so happened that England and the USA turned out to be in the same quartet as Iran. The fourth national team will be determined after the European World Cup qualifications (the Welsh team will face the winner of the Ukraine – Scotland confrontation). It’s much harder to predict the scenario here, but England looks the most promising. The second position will most probably go to the other European club. Thus, the Netherlands will take on Ukraine / Scotland / Wales, while England will face Ecuador or Senegal. 

Group C has a clear favorite and an obvious outsider. We are talking about Argentina and Saudi Arabia, while Mexico and Poland are likely to fight for the second spot. If the Poles maintain their current form until the end of the year, they will have a good chance of advancing. 

Quartet D is practically a flashback to 2018. Back then, France and Denmark played Peru and Australia. This time, the French and Danes will definitely play Tunisia, and the fourth opponent will be someone from the Peru/Australia/U.A.E. trio. France and Denmark were ranked first and second at the time. It seems that we are in for a similar scenario. Anyway, we will look forward to seeing Eriksen because his race for the bronze at the last Euro almost broke the world’s heart! 

Now, let’s try to imagine the quarterfinals. The Netherlands will probably play Argentina, while England will face France.

Group E also does not yet have an exact list of participants. So far, Spain, Germany, and Japan are definitely within it. The fourth will be either Costa Rica or New Zealand. Rubbing your hands in anticipation of online betting on the giants of European football, aren’t you? But remember the Japanese frantically fighting Belgium in the Round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup and that Costa Rica nearly stopped the Dutch in the quarterfinals eight years ago! What’s more, Bundesteam players in the last edition did not even manage to make it into Round 16 as reigning champions! 

In Group F, we will see an interesting Belgium – Croatia encounter. The “golden generation” of Belgians is starting to look pretty old, and so are the Croatian leaders, but still, they are regarded as favorites here. Morocco, on the other hand, is considered one of the most attacking teams in Africa, while Canada is a talented dark horse.

In Quartet G, we should not expect a battle for first place – Brazil is a cut above others, but the second position can be easily taken by each of the three teams: Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon. However, it is unlikely that the Serbs will agree to stay third again. “Beli Orlovi” has noticeably gained muscle – Milinković-Savić has developed into one of the best midfielders in Serie A, and Dušan Vlahović, at 22, is already the most sought after forward in the world! So, the Serbs should really come through at the 2022 WC.

Finally, in the last four, Portugal looks just as clear a favorite among the three other equal-in-strength opponents – Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea. 

In the quarterfinals, experts expect to see Germany vs. Brazil, and there will be a “remake” of that very legendary match. And in the other quarterfinal, the Belgians are likely to play the Portuguese.

World Cup main favorites

World Cup betting odds heavily speak in favor of Brazil. The Brazilians won the trophy more often than others (five times), but the last time was quite long ago – in 2002.

The reigning champ, France, is also included in the top 3 contenders for the title. Having dropped out in the first round, France failed at the Euro, then quite lazily qualified for the World Cup, and at the same time took a new trophy in its collection by winning the Nations League. What can we expect from France? All hope lies in a balanced squad, experience, and, of course, Kylian Mbappé!

England has quite a similar chance. And this should not come as a surprise. Gareth Southgate’s squad finished fourth at the 2018 World Cup and gained silver at Euro 2020. 

Spain’s chances are also high. With Luis Enrique, La Furia Roja has achieved strong results. The Spaniards failed to reach the final of the Euro only due to a penalty shootout but made it into the final in the Nations League, simultaneously interrupting the record unbeaten streak of Italy. 

According to analysts, Argentina has less chance of a triumph in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo has it even worse – the team gave a WC direct ticket to the Serbs absurdly. Moreover, surprisingly enough, Turkey and Northern Macedonia turned out to be difficult opponents for the Portuguese. 

And what do you think? Follow the event, make your predictions, and place your winning bets with the best odds at Cyber.bet!

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