The essentials of CS:GO betting

The essentials of CS:GO betting

CS:GO apparently is the most popular esports game for betting. It is easy to understand and very exciting to watch. Every day dozens of professional matches online and offline are played. The variety of bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games are countless. Let’s have a look at all possibilities that CS:GO betting can offer you.

How game is played?

In CS:GO 2 teams consist of 5 players face each other on one of the 7 competitive maps. There are 2 sides: attack (T-side) and defense (CT-side). The first half of the game consists of 15 rounds, then teams swap sides and play until one of the team gets 16 points. T-side tries to plant a bomb on one of 2 sites or eliminate the opponent, CT side tries to prevent it, eliminate opponent or defuse already planted bomb. Every side has a unique variety of weapons, which makes gameplay more interesting and variable.

Map and match winner

The most common bet in CS:GO like in any kind of sports is bet on winner. CS:GO match can consist of 1 map, 2 map series or best-of-3 and best-of-5 series. Map draft is essential for CS:GO matches as all maps differs a lot and team that is very strong on one map, can be not that good on another. You can bet on one map or the whole series winner. Remember to research carefully how good or bad teams are on which map.

Map handicap

This bet can be taken on matches consist of more than 2 maps. For example, if you bet on Team A with -1.5 handicap in best-of-3 series, Team A should win it 2:0. Any other result is a loss because handicap deducts (or adds) from team’s score. So 2 minus 1.5 will be 0.5 and if another teams wins at least 1 map, it will be more than 0.5. Map draft is even more essential for map handicap bet. If one team has good map draft for best-of-3 series, it can bring you a huge win.

Pistol round winner

In every half in CS:GO game teams start with only $800 dollar for every player. You cannot afford any kind of weapon but pistols with such funds, so these rounds are unique and influence the whole game a lot because a win on pistol round helps to establish your economy and win 2-3 rounds more nearly ‘for free’. Teams practice pistol rounds and has special tactics for them. Some teams are better with pistols, some teams are not so good with it and even overall better team can easily lose these rounds to an underdog. If you know who is better with pistols, you can add some cash to your wallet with this knowledge.

Total rounds

You can bet on amount of rounds that will be played on one map or another. For example, if you bet on ‘total under 23.5’, you mean that the score line in the end of the map will be 16:7 or less rounds for team who loses it. To make this bet you should review match-up, comfortable maps for each team and the map itself. For example, some maps are one-sided and even relatively weaker team can take many rounds on stronger side of map. That means a bet ‘over’ will be good there.

Live betting

CS:GO is great for live betting as everything in game can change quickly. For example, if one team loses one side 3:12, that doesn’t mean it will not win 13 rounds in a row in the second half and take the whole game. If you are brave enough to put a bet in such scenarios, your win can be really huge.

Other types of bet

We reviewed only main types of bets above but there are more and more available for CS:GO. You can bet on every round winner, correct score, odd/even number of rounds, possibility of overtime and other in-game events.

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