What is the UEFA Nations League | Bet on Cyber.bet

What is the UEFA Nations League | Bet on Cyber.bet

What is the UEFA Nations League?

Hardly had we taken a rest from the European finals when the next tournament for Europe’s national clubs has come! On June 1, UEFA launched its third Nations League edition! The main part of the tournament will run this summer and fall; the playoffs and finals are slated for 2023. The competition will end exactly one year before the final part of the European Championship and will allow qualifying there. The World Cup slots are also at stake. So there is no wonder why this relatively new competition attracts many football betting enthusiasts around the world! The tournament is structured in such a way that matches are played between teams close in class, which stirs up the fans’ interest. Additionally, it allows the lesser-status teams to gain experience and make their presence known. All of this makes the event extremely convenient for sports betting. Let’s delve into what kind of tournament it is, how it works, and what you should expect from the current season so your online football betting can be effective! 

What is the Nations League, and how does it work?

The UNL is a football competition for national teams (members of UEFA) taking place every two years. The idea behind the championship is to replace boring friendly internationals, increase the importance of the national football team and create a better balance between them.

The championship consists of four Leagues: A, B, C, and D. A is the highest Division, and D is the lowest, depending on the teams’ ranking and performance in the previous season. Each League then consists of four groups. The total number of participating countries is 55, with A, B, and C containing 16 nations each and D – only seven. All participants play each other twice – home and away. Quartet winners in League A make it into the playoffs. The best group clubs in B, C, and D are promoted, while the last finishers in A, B, and C are relegated. 

The final stage, consisting of two semi-finals, a consolation match, and a final, determines the champ. The best teams in the groups compete for three Euro berths.

UEFA Nations League betting

After we’ve seen how the competition works, let’s now talk about the parameters to consider for successful betting. Although the competition is quite young, some trends have already taken shape – they should be taken into account while punting. 

First of all, let’s take a look at the number of goals. In the last edition, in Division A, the average number of goals was very high, reaching 2.75 per game. It is also important to add 54% of games showing +2.5 goals and about 25% – +3.5 goals. What’s more, the ‘Both to Score’ market was successful in 50% of the matches in Division A in the last edition. These numbers go down significantly when you analyze the statistics of the three lower Divisions. 

Other interesting figures to note – the away win rate was only 31%, and the draw rate was 21%; home wins occurred in 48% of matchups. Add a 2-goal margin in 40% of matches and get the most out of this tendency! 

Finally, the ‘Half-time draw’ option broke through in 32% of Division A matches and in 45% of other divisions’ matches. If you want to bet on Leagues B, C, or D, here is a market that might interest you! Don’t hesitate to give it a try – it can increase your bankroll!

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 predictions and betting odds

France and Portugal have each won the championship, but who will be the strongest this time? Analysts expect that Didier Deschamps’ squad will be able to defend the title. The final victory of ‘Les Bleus’ is heavily favored with odds. Experts believe that tough competition can be provided by two participants to an equal extent. Last year’s finalist Spain and strong Belgians should put maximum pressure on the French. Italy’s and England’s winning chances are also quite high. Additionally, there are those who believe in Cristiano Ronaldo ‘and the company’.

However, the playoffs are still a long way off. As we are at the group stage now, let’s analyze who will even end up in the decisive phase. As a refresher, only the group winner enters the semi-finals. In the first quartet, there is almost no intrigue – hopes are pinned on the same France; little is expected from Croatia; while Denmark and Austria may offer some resistance. 

In the second quartet, there will be a fight, but only between two participants. Switzerland and the Czech Republic will have the role of ‘passengers’, while Spain and Portugal will fight for first place. 

The third four turned out to be the group of death. The Hungarian squad fell into a medley of giants – England, Italy, Germany. It is very difficult to predict how the events will unfold here. The analysts believe that the main contender to make it into the playoffs is England, with Italians being in hot pursuit. Group 4 cannot boast such intensity. The Belgian squad is the main favorite in the quartet, which is quite logical. 

Whatever your preferred nation is, awesome odds await you at a Cyber.bet! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this when the championship is in full swing!

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