Get a guaranteed bonus!

Get a guaranteed bonus!

It’s not just a chance, it’s giving away guaranteed bonuses!

Place your bets on this summer’s main football event – EURO 2020

Free bets will be given away twice during the tournament. You can participate twice and get not just one, but two gifts! 

The first period: June 11 (00:00 UTC+2) – June 23 (23:59 UTC+2) 

(from the start of the group stage to the round of 16)

➡️ To get the guaranteed bonus, you need to make 10 different bets on the EURO 2020 group stage matches ⬅️

*(a combo bet counts as one bet placed)

The second period: June 26 – July 7 23:59 (UTC+2)

(from the round of 16 to the finals)

➡️ To get the guaranteed bonus, you need to make 5 different bets on the EURO 2020 playoff stage matches ⬅️

*(a combo bet counts as one bet placed)

Read the terms and conditions carefully, take part and get your prize!

  1. Promo description:
    1. Bets, related to the promo, should be placed during the specified periods;
    2. Period 1 includes all group stage matches of the EURO 2020 tournament. The number of bets to get the guaranteed bonus is 10 (ten);
    3. The start and end dates of period 1 are June 11 (00:00 UTC +2) and June 23 (23:59 UTC +2), respectively;
    4. Period 2 includes all playoff matches of the EURO 2020 tournament (the round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals). The number of bets  to get the guaranteed bonus is 5 (five); 
    5. The start and end dates of period 2 are June 26 (00:00 UTC+2) and July 7 (23:59 UTC+2), respectively; 
    6. The amount of bonus is determined by the total amount of bets placed and cannot exceed 100 EUR;
      The “Amount of bets – bonus amount” scheme:
  • from 0 to 100 USD – 5 EUR
  • from 100 to 200 USD – 10 EUR
  • from 200 to 500 USD – 20 EUR
  • from 500 to 1000 USD – 50 EUR
  • from 1000 USD and more – 100 EUR
  1. Everyone has the right to take part in both promo periods.
  2. A participant can place an unlimited number of bets (the minimum number of bets is specified in sub-subparagraphs 1.2 and 1.4);
  1. Bonus accrual procedure:
    1. Bonus funds (free bet) will be credited within three days after the end of the period;
    2. You will receive an e-mail notification to the e-mail address you specified upon registration; 
    3. If the bonus funds are not credited within three days. If the bonus is not credited, the participant will have the right to contact the support service to review the situation on an individual basis;
    4. The wager of the free bet is 5, irrespective of its amount; 
    5. Once a user has made the specified turnover, he/she will have the right to withdraw funds;
  1. The procedure of participation:
    1. All users who have active accounts on Cyber.Bet can take part in the promo;
    2. Users with duplicate accounts or multiple accounts from one IP address are not allowed to participate in the promo; 
    3. Individuals who do not comply with the terms and conditions of participation are not entitled to get the bonus; 
    4. If the bet is calculated as a refund, the bet will not be counted;
    5. If the bet is placed on the match of another tournament (not EURO 2020), it will not be counted;
    6. If a user makes a bet using bonus funds credited within the framework of another promo, the bet will not be counted.
    7. A participant has a right to make an unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals;

Good luck!

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