All the semifinalists of the UEFA Nations League are determined!

All the semifinalists of the UEFA Nations League are determined!

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The group stage of the UEFA Nations League wrapped up. The two closing matchdays took place last week, which determined the final standings, that is, the participants of the Final Four and the teams to fall into the rank of the top division.

Thus, please welcome the contestants that will compete with each other in Finals: Italy, Belgium, France, and Spain.

The Italians gained the top position in Group 1. Having defeated Bosnia & Herzegovina with a score of 2:0, they gained 12 points and got ahead of the Netherlands that beat Poland 2:1 and finished second. As a result, the Poles and the Bosnians took the third and fourth positions accordingly. 

In Group 2, Belgium won a 4:2 victory over Denmark, got 15 points, and moved up to the top position. The English smashed Iceland 4:0, and the latter was relegated to League B. 

Earlier, having gained the lead in Group 3 and Group 4, France and Spain joined the ranks of the strongest teams. 

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Wales managed to take the leading positions in League B. These national teams are promoted to League A.

As to other results of the last matchdays, we should take note of Russia’s bitter failure in the match against Serbia, a drawn game between Austria and Norway, and Wales’ victory over Finland.

All the results of the two last matchdays are as listed below:

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Let’s remind you that the Finals are slated for October 2021; the stage will include semi-finals (October 6-7), third-place playoff (October 10), and the final fight (October 10).

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