Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with Spinomenal

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with Spinomenal

Take part in the Spinomenal race for lucky symbols! The provider has prepared a cool tournament for you! Plunge into the fairy atmosphere of Lepricons, treasures, and mythological Gods with fascinating Spinomenal slots! Play the games specified below and get an opportunity to snatch your share of the 20,000 EUR prize pool. 

Start with a minimum bet of 0.2 EUR and look for coveted symbols – Wilds and Horseshoes, as they earn you victory points and increase your chances of winning. Be as active as possible to make it into the Top 100 list and get awarded! Build up your collection of lucky symbols and become a victor! May St. Patrick bring your luck!

How to win:

Play any of the participating games. Each time the displayed symbol on the top bar is landing in one of the reels, you will be rewarded with 1 point. (for example, if at the end of a spin 3 relevant symbols appeared on the reels, you will be rewarded with 3 points). Points received are summed up throughout the Tournament period. The more points you collect, the higher your position on the leaderboard. The 100 first players in the leaderboard will share a prize of 20,000 EUR!


1. The tournament is available during real-money play only.
2. Minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in the tournament is 0.2 EUR. If the minimum bet amount is unavailable, rounded up to the next higher available bet size in the game.
3. Collect the following symbol in each game: Book Of Clovers, Book Of Clovers Reloaded*, Lucky Mr. Patrick, Irish Treasures, Book Of Demi Gods II, Majestic King – Collect the Wild. Lucky Mrs. Patrick, Patrick’s Collection 10 Lines, Patrick’s Collection 20 Lines, Patrick’s Collection 30 Lines, Patrick’s Collection 40 Lines – Collect the Horseshoe.
4. All amounts are displayed in-game in the currency you are playing with.
5. No additional deposits or cost are required to participate in the tournament.
6. Participation in the tournament is automatic once playing the participating games.
7. The operator is responsible for prize payments within 72 hours from acceptance of the tournament results.
8. All material prizes may be paid in a money equivalent.
9. Malfunction voids all play and pays.
10. Leaderboard will refresh up to every 4 minutes (in extreme cases refreshing may take more than 4 minutes).
11. Each player will get personal tournament ID for the leaderboard.
12. The leaderboard will include players who accumulated the highest number of points during the tournament.
13. If two or more players have the same number of points at the end of the tournament,the player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.
14. Prizes to Crypto currency players will be shown and paid in EUR value.
15. Only finished spins will qualify for the leaderboard.
16. The rules, terms, and conditions of the tournament can be changed at any time according to Spinomenal’s sole discretion.
17. Wins from free spins awarded to the player by the operator will not qualify in this tournament.
18. By qualifying for the Tournament, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions and to all the terms and conditions set by the online casino hosting this Tournament.
19. Spinomenal reserves the right to stop the Tournament at any time for an indefinite period without paying the prizes and change the rules of the Tournament without prior notice.

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