CIS reshuffle featuring Zayac as a great sample of a situation where nobody wins

CIS reshuffle featuring Zayac as a great sample of a situation where nobody wins

The situation with reshuffles in the CIS region is getting more and more interesting. If earlier, at the dawn of esports, irresponsibility and infantile behavior were understandable, then with the arrival of large capitals in the industry, everything was about to change. In today’s material, we will describe what’s happening on the CIS scene and how Virtus.Pro outplayed everyone. 

The Dota scene has not yet reached the same level as professional football, where players are signed for a long time and are not kicked out of the squad because of unsatisfactory results after a couple of months or even weeks. But, if we’re talking about Dota 2, situation is radically different.

A young player can easily be kicked out of the squad or put on the bench because of the unsatisfactory results of a team. And if he’ll be put on a bench it means that the remaining time of a contract he’ll have to stay in a team without playing time at all. That’s how organizations try to protect themselves either from the fastidiousness of players, or from competitors trying to lure a team member. 

In fact, now esports is acquiring an official component: contracts, coaching staff, department psychiatrists and so on. But even with all this in mind, situations in which players decide more than the organizations that signed them are still not uncommon.

So recently, the NAVI team player Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov literally shocked the Dota community with his transition to the Virtus Pro camp. Bakyt found a loophole in the contract and used it. It would seem, well, what’s the big deal? This is quite a regular situation when a person does what is better for him, but it is not that simple. 

His new team Virtus.Pro had recently disbanded their ‘golden’ roster and started to organize a new one. New players did not show proper results for a long time and it was decided to make regular substitutions. The bears’ managers drew the attention of Gambit player Daniil “GPK” Skutin. 

Daniil himself expressed a desire to move to another organization, but Gambit denied this opportunity and put him on the bench. After that, Virtus started looking for new opportunities and after checking out several options, they chose Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov and Zaur “Cooman” Shahmurzayev, who was still playing in the new Dendi B8 team at that time. 

And it was really easy since Cooman did not sign a contract with R8, although he had already played on the Bootcamp. Thought in the signed contract Zayac found a loophole that allowed the player to move freely to the camp of a direct competitor. 

In a traditional sport, there is no longer a question of decency or “fair play”, because the main goal of each organization is to win at any cost. If NAVI couldn’t sign a contract with a player so that he could not be poached in just a few days, then it’s fault of the organization. The same thing goes for the Dendi team. 

Dendi and Cooman

Yes, Cooman did an ugly thing, yes, he framed the guys right before the qualifiers for several Major tournaments, but how can you blame a player for agreeing to play in a stronger team without being constrained by any obligations. Also, we don’t know the full background. How knows, i guess any of you in this situation will have to make a difficult choice between what is profitable and what is “right”.

At the same time, NФVI CEO Yevgeny Zolotarev claims that his organization is a victim in this situation. But we shouldn’t forget that Natus Vincere themselves conduct a fairly aggressive human resource policy for their CS:GO roster. And it’s wrong to blame someone for your own mistakes. All of us have to take responsibilities for their actions. 

However, this “Zayac reshuffle case” is significant, because now organizations will begin to take a more deliberate approach to the issue related to the contract formation. In general, this should have a positive effect on the condition of the CIS scene, because now Dota players are more like children that select with whom to play with.

In professional sports, personal empathy should not be set above the goal. If you do something professionally, be kind to prove it in practice, and don’t whine at the first sign of difficulties. 

In general, no one won from this reshuffle. But Virtus.Pro is now in pole position even thought they could not pick up GPK, whose career is now a big “IF”, NAVI lost the captain and R8 lost their kerry. But there is also a positive side – Yevgeny Zolotarev decided to organize a meeting of all CIS organizations Heads’. And it’s supposed that current legal and ethical issues will be solved there.

Photo credit: DreamHack

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