Cup Announcement! Participants, Format & Everything You Need To Know
Cyber Bet Cup 2020 Cup Announcement! Participants, Format & Everything You Need To Know

We are pleased to announce our upcoming CS:GO tournament, the Cup that offers $10,000 in prizes and brings together eight strong teams. In this preview we will take you through some of the details of the event and analyze the teams, so that you can form a better idea of what the esports betting opportunities are. Cup Basic Information Cup is scheduled to take place between April 6th – April 12th . The tournament will have 14 matches in total, and that should give you plenty of CS:GO betting options. Needless to say, you will find all the information on our website.

Broadcast Companies

UCC – Russian
Vortex Entertainment – English
Rafaelpaisgk – Portugese


 Kieran (Kieran Cullinan) – English
 Rafaelpaisgk (Rafael Paisgk ) – Portugese
 Russian – TBA CUP Prize Pool

The prize pool of Cup is $10,000. The money will be shared among the finalists. First place gets $7,000 while second place gets $3,000. Cup Competitive Format

Stage one will have two groups of four teams each. The competitive format here is GSL, also known as double-elimination. The top two teams from each group advance to the semifinals. The other two are eliminated. Stage two is played using the single elimination format.

Throughout the tournament, every match is Bo3. Cup Participants

At Cup we will feature 8 teams:

Group A

  • Movistar Riders
  • Hard Legion
  • Mustang Crew
  • NAVI Junior

Group B

  • Syman
  • Nordavind
  • Heretics
  • Smash Cup Teams Analysis

Here’s a brief analysis of the 8 teams taking part in Cup.

Movistar Riders

Spanish team is one of the favorites of the whole cup. Movistar Riders occupy 35th place of world ranking but was in top-30 not long ago. They surely want to regain lost ground and they have everything to do it. The team has two star players. They are Spaniard loWel and Brazilian steel. LoWel was playing in mousesports for almost one year and hit top-16 of Major tournaments 2 times. Steel even played in Major final, but it was 2.5 years ago. They both are looking to reset their careers now.

In the beginning of March Movistar Riders qualified for cancelled European Minor, but after that, won only one series from five played.

Hard Legion

Hard Legion is a Russian team that used to do well around mid-2019. The highest rank they got was 18th, which is quite impressive. But since then, they’ve dropped to 46th and their recent form is not exactly good either: 4 wins in the last 10 matches.

Hard Legion had one important result at the end of 2019, finishing 5th – 6th in the Champions Cup Finals, and another one in February 2020: 3rd place at Great Universe Cup. Apart from that, we haven’t seen them do very much, but perhaps this is precisely the chance they’ve been waiting for.

Mustang Crew

X-God has returned! Legendary player Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov tried to reload his career in the end of 2019 in China, but was forced to go back to Russia because of coronavirus outbreak. This time Dosia put together a squad from CIS. He picked 3 young and unknown players  Wierd_1k, fabi and la3euka and added some experience with ex-Vega Squadron duo Pavel “hurji” Lashkov and coach Viktor “vidoq” Manaenkov.

Mustang Crew have already played two official matches and lost both. They aim to get their first win here, at cup.

NAVI junior

Yet another CIS academy team. Project Natus Vincere Junior was launched in summer 2019. Ten young players were gathered in summer camp to pick out five of them, who will represent NAVI Junior on pro scene. Brand new team played its first official game in October and in their second series they even beat HellRaisers! NAVI Junior have a relatively young roster even for an academy team. Only one player there is older than 19 years. That is why their results should not surprise anyone as they won only 26 from 67 maps played. However, this does not mean anything for those guys, as their main goal is to grow up as players and become the first team members.

NAVI Academy sit on 143th place of world ranking, but they played their last official game in February.


Syman is another top 40 team with high ambitions. At the moment, they’re sitting at number 31 in the global rankings, and they seem to be going up. With 5 victories in their last 6 matches, Syman has a decent chance of doing well at Cup. The only question is can they maintain their good form and perform when it truly matters? The level of competition they will face here is just perfect for their level: not too weak and not too strong. This should allow them to get a good result if they deliver their A-game.

Syman’s most impressive result in recent months is their victory at NEST Pro Series 2019, where they claimed the title by beating TYLOO in the Grand Final. In 2020 however, we’ve yet to see the team achieve anything worth mentioning.


Smash has a lot to prove at this event. They’re a relatively new team with great potential. But they still struggle against many decent teams and their ability to climb consistently is questionable. In December 2019, they were sitting at number 300 in the global rankings. Now they’re at 97. Their peak was 86. It’s still too early to tell if they’ve reached their full potential, but their current form does not look good: 3 wins out of the last 10 matches.

Going into Cup, Smash will start as one of the underdogs. It’s hard to tell though whether or not they’ll prove themselves to be stronger than everyone thinks.


Heretics is Spanish esports organization, which started to work with French CS:GO rosters from summer 2019. This development thrust paid out not long ago when Heretics shocked European pro scene on Minor closed qualifiers. They consistently beat OG and Heroic with score lines 2:0 and made it to Rio Minor. This run showed everyone that Heretics are a consistent team at least in online matches. This should not surprise anyone, as there are some big names in their roster. Lucky and xms have Major tournaments experience and kioShiMa even won two of them. Cup matches will be the first for Heretics after their Minor qualifiers triumph.


And finally, we have Nordavind, a team with an interesting roster: 2 Danes, 2 Norwegians and 1 Estonian. Right now, their global CS:GO rank is 47th. In terms of their current form, Nordavind have 3 victories in the last 8 matches. One thing that makes people hopeful about their chances is the fact that they’re a Nordic team. Another encouraging statistic that makes them quite feared at this competitive level is their number of positive results from 2019: 5 top 3 placements, including 2 titles.

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