Cyber.Bet Cup Day 1 Recap. Favourites are punching hard

Cyber.Bet Cup Day 1 Recap. Favourites are punching hard

With the first two matches of the Cyber.Bet Cup concluded, we can look back at what went down and analyse the teams for a better idea of what to expect in day two. Two bo3’s were played in Group A where both CS:GO betting favourites won their matches without dropping a single map.

Game 1: Movistar Riders vs NAVI Junior (2-0)

The first map of the bo3 was Mirage, the pick of NAVI Junior. The first 5 rounds were incredibly back-and-forth. Even though NAVI Junior picked up the pistol, they would lose the next round, but win the next right after. Such a start was still good for NAVI Junior as Movistar Riders couldn’t acquire a proper economy. Eventually, the Spaniards managed to string 5 rounds together in a convincing fashion. Part of this success was Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet who had 21 kills and 126 ADR by the end of 14th round. The first half ended 11-4. Two rounds for NAVI Junior did go in their favour, but then Lucas “steel” Lopes stopped any momentum with a 1 versus 2 clutch. From then on out, Movistar had no issues closing out the map 16-6.

Overpass started well for NAVI Junior. They were able to win the pistol round to get some momentum rolling. However, after a second-round force-buy victory, Movistar picked an early 5-1 lead on the T side. NAVI Junior ha some success, picking up a few rounds in a row. But the Movistar machines just kept on rolling, and they picked up another massive 11-4 half win for the second time in a row. Interestingly enough, NAVI Junior did win their second half pistol as well, winning every pistol round in this bo3. They couldn’t convert the subsequent rounds, thus fell on Overpass 16-6.

Game 2: Mustang crew vs Hard Legion (2-0)

With a superior map pool, Hard Legion chose Train as their first map of the series. The tactical nature of this should’ve assured a comfortable victory for Hard Legon. That was not the case. Even though they quickly secured an early 3-0 start, Mustang Crew not only equalised the scoreline but made it 3-5. Because they were on the CT side, they had to focus more on hitting their shots, rather than tactics. But Hard Legion managed to break the CT defensive in the latter stages and secured a very formidable 9-6 half. Mikhail “Dosia” Stoliarov & co managed to again reach an equilibrium but began failing on the gun rounds. During the subsequent gun rounds, Hard Legion won critical post-plant situations. Afterwards, it was just of matter of making it to the finish line, which they did at 16-12.

Dust 2 was up next. This was the map pick of Mustang crew to achieve a win over Hard Legion. One of the many issues for this Russian roster was the lack of firepower. There wasn’t a de facto star player, thus hindering their performance. Since Dust 2 is a very aim heavy map, it really comes down to hitting those shots. Unfortunately, lagged behind in this area. The first 6 rounds were incredibly decisive for Hard Legion. They were winning every gunfight on the T side and took over sites with ease. On the 7th Dosia secured an early 3 versus 5, but after Vladislav “Krad” Kravchenko planted the bomb, they yet again won the round. Mustang Crew finally responded with a few round wins at the very end. But by that time, the scoreline had become 13-2 at halftime. Mustang Crew didn’t give up and managed to get an extra 4 rounds to their tally, but lost the map eventually.

That brings a wrap to Cyber.Bet Cup’s Day 1 analysis, however, stay tuned for Day 2’s preview!

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