Cyber.Bet Cup Day 6 Recap: A Very One-Sided Day Leading To Finals!

Cyber.Bet Cup Day 6 Recap: A Very One-Sided Day Leading To Finals!

The first stage of the playoffs and the last day of the group stage. In the Group B decider match, it was Syman Gaming who defeated the European team of Nordavind 2-0. With the groups settled we went straight to the playoffs where Movistar Riders and Heretics successfully secured their wins for a grand final appearance.

Group B Decider: Nordavind Vs Syman Gaming (0-2)

Overpass started as the map pick of Nordavind. Here they began on the T side and after losing the pistol round, still managed to secure a 5-2 lead. All was looking good in their camp, but eventually, the opponents started stringing rounds together. They went ahead to come out on top with an 8-7 lead. Syman Gaming managed to win the early start in the second half. On the T-side, Rustem “mou” Telepov and Sanzhar “neaLaN” Iskhakov managed to make an impact. Even though the clutch department went in favour of Nordavind, they couldn’t string rounds together on the CT-side, thus losing the first map 11-16.

Next up came Inferno. Syman Gaming has managed to find a lot of success on this map in their most recent campaigns. Initially, they had an incredibly good run. After the pistol round win and the subsequent round win, they were sitting on a comfortable 7-0 lead. Nordavind managed to climb back into this match after a convincing win on the 8th round. Still, just by the skin of their teeth, they managed to secure five rounds. Once Syman won the pistol, it looked like their run has come to an end. But here Nordavind successfully won a series which helped them to build momentum. In fact, from there on out they managed to win the majority of the rounds and reach overtime. This tight race led to the second set of overtime, and eventually, it still went in favour of Syman 22-20.

Playoffs Game 1: Movistar Riders vs Syman Gaming (2-0)

For the very first match of the semi-final, we finally had a chance to see Movistar Riders back in the fray. Their opponents would be Syman Gaming, who just recently finished 2nd in the group after beating Nordavind. From the get-go, Movistar Riders picked Overpass as their map of choice. Clearly, they must’ve noticed chinks in their armour, as Syman Gaming just a few hours prior beat Nordavind on it. Movistar came out swinging out of the gates and acquired a substantial 7-1 lead on the T-side. Syman managed to take 4 rounds until Movistar came in with the last 3 and won some rounds of their own on the first-half. Even though Syman managed to win the pistol, here they failed to convert the second-round win, and Movistar ran away with the game 16-7.

Just like on Overpass, Movistar Riders secured an early advantage over Syman on Train. Since Movistar was on the CT-side, they started off strong and wracked up even 11 rounds on the defensive. It was just at the very end that Syman bounced back with a few gun rounds. Syman tried mounting a comeback on the CT-side, and they managed to even reach a total of 13 round in their favor. Itjust happened to be that in the very end Movistar won a few rounds in a row that put them in the grand final.

Playoffs Game 2: Heretics vs NAVI Junior (2-0)

This was by far the best opponent NAVI Junior has faced in the Cyber.Bet Cup. Initially, all was going well for the Juniors, with a solid 4-1 lead on Vertigo. Their opponents finally started taking things seriously and reached an equilibrium 4-4. It was at this point that NAVI Junior managed to pick up 3 rounds on back-to-back-to-back post-plant 2v2 situations. Their success was unmatched, ending the half 9-6 and continuing their wins on the T-side. But this is where the inexperience of this roster really showed. Round after round would go in favor of Heretics. Not only that, but the clutches would also go their way, like Alexandre “xms” Forté winning a 1v2. Even in the post-plant situations where Heretics had the disadvantage, they would win those as well. Suddenly it was Heretics with the edge, and they closed out the first map 16-11.

After such a good run on Vertigo, Heretics were in a prime position to win Mirage. Early on they were leading the map 4-0. The same situation continued from Vertigo, where the post-plant situations just didn’t go in favour of the Frenchmen. Time and time again, they would not be able to retake the bombsite, thus putting them in a problematic economic conundrum. In the end, NAVI Junior took over the lead of the half by just one round. The second half saw Heretics acquire the first 4 rounds. Afterwards, NAVI Junior replied with their own 4 rounds. At the 12-11 scoreline, Heretics found a winning recipe on cracking open the bombsites and came out victorious 16-12.

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