Cyber.Bet Dota 2 Spring Series – Southeast Asia Preview

Cyber.Bet Dota 2 Spring Series – Southeast Asia Preview

On May 11, the first four matches of Cyber.Bet Dota 2 Spring Series in Southeast Asia are played. Eight teams fight for $5000 prize pool. The event starts from the round robin group stage. Two best teams from each group are through to the play-off’s upper bracket while others fall to the lower bracket.

Below you can find a brief preview on the participating teams. You can also find the schedule, streams and bet on Cyber.Bet Dota 2 Spring Series with the best odds here.

Group A

Geek Fam (Raven, Kar, Kuku, Xepher, Whitemon)

The hot favorite of the whole tournament Geek Fam is one of the squads fighting to be the first SEA team after two absolute leaders Fnatic and TNC. This season they have visited two minors and won ESL One Los Angeles Closed Qualifier. They placed only the fourth at the online version of this tournament, finished the second at ESL SEA Championship 2020 and the third at BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia.

Geek Fam feature some big names like Marc Polo “Raven” Luis Fausto or Carlo “Kuku” Palad. With such firepower, they are ready to smash any opponent on their way to victory.

CR (vtFαded, Benhur, Mushi, Ohaiyo, Roddgeee)

Of course, such team as CR has definitely an opposite opinion on that. This roster features such players as Chai Yee “Mushi” Fung and Khoo Chong “Ohaiyo” Xin, the real veterans of Dota 2 scene. Unfortunately, they were not too successful recently, that is why they do not play under any esports organization. It is worth mentioning that Mushi switched to offlane while Ohiyon is going to play position four.

They are accompanied by the young prospect VtFαded, who is treated as the brightest talents of Dota 2 SEA scene but he still struggles to show what he is capable of on the big stage. Maybe Cyber.Bet Spring Series gives him a chance to prove himself and become a starting place to his success.

T1 (Meracle, inYourdreaM, Forev, Jhocam, poloson)

Legendary organization T1 that won three League of Legends World Championships decided to extend to Dota 2 but this initiative still cannot be called successful. The team failed to win a single open qualifier for Major and underwent roster changes not long ago. The captain and leader of the team is ex-MVP Phoenix and team Secret offlaner Lee “Forev” Sang-don.

He is accompanied by Indonesian and Singaporean players. All of them have something to prove and Meracle is often treated as one of the most talented player from those who have never achieve any big results. However, he is just 24 and maybe he still got his best years ahead.

Cignal Ultra (Abat, Jamesy, Van, Ericem, Grimzx)

Speaking about names, Cignal Ultra is the most humble team here but this fact does not make them the underdogs. Their roster is quite stable. Three players gathered in January 2019 while Jamesy joined them in October 2019. Only Abat plays in Cignal Ultra for less than a half-year.

They are the unluckiest SEA team of current season. Two times they finished fourth at the Major qualifiers and two times they were second at the Minor ones. That means four times they failed to get to DPC events with just one series to their goal. Their recent results are not that good as they lost several online tournaments to unknown teams.

Group B

LGD.International (Ms, Ahjit, Gy, BrayaNt, Rayy)

The International squad of LGD was re-created in February but failed to achieve any big results and underwent serious changes. The last of them happened just two days ago when experienced Black^ was replaced by young Chinese player Ms. Considering four other LGD.Int players represent Malaysia, they will speak Chinese and this definitely will improve their in-game communication.

Neon Esports (Sirc, Yopaj, Rappy, PlayHard, Jaunuel)

Four players of this roster play together since September 2019, which is a big period for the team that have not showed good results. They always stay bottom at Major closed qualifiers or even fail to pass through the open ones. Nevertheless, they got a good experience playing different online tournaments. This April, they won Amadeus Cup that featured such teams as, Reality Rift, Execration, Cignal Ultra and 496.

That means they are capable of beating nearly every opponent at Cyber.Bet Spring Series.

Execration (Palos, Marb, Bhm, RR, yaha)

This organization was one of the first who represent local Dota 2 at the highest level. However, their days of glory are far behind. Those days Execration do not feature such big names as Abed who made his name in this team at The International 7. They even substituted their irreplaceable captain Kim0 who represented the team since 2014! This season Execration did not pass a single Major Open Qialifier and also were not successful at any online event.

496 Gaming (insanity, 458, Vivian, Datbb, Ken)

Since the scandal with match fixing by Aces Gaming, Vietnamese scene have not had a team that could compete on the high level even in SEA region. 496 is the strongest Vietnamese team that wins a lot of local tournaments but still struggles to give a real fight to bigger teams from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore or other big Dota 2 countries. These guys are the underdogs of the event but online format gives such teams good chances to prove themselves.

Place your bet on Cyber.Bet Dota 2 Spring Series with the best odds!

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