Cyber.Bet Summer Cup day one preview. Unicorns of Love face Apeks, HellRaisers play versus SKADE

Cyber.Bet Summer Cup day one preview. Unicorns of Love face Apeks, HellRaisers play versus SKADE

Cyber.Bet Summer Cup is about to start, and we brought you some peace of CS:GO betting advice. You can find the best odds and exclusive markets for this tournament at Cyber.Bet. Below you find the most essential information about the two matches, which are scheduled for June 15. You can learn more about the whole event here.

Unicorns of Love vs Apeks (bo3) 15 CEST

The opening match of the event is the clash between Unicorns of love and Apeks. On paper, Apeks might look like an absolute favorite of the match-up. They lead more than 30 positions in HLTV ranking, got way better winning rate during the past three months, and UOL lost four out of four last matches, including a devastating loss 1:16 versus mens at ESEA MDL.

However, not everything is that easy, as it seems to be. Both teams showed the same results versus in the same match-ups. They lost to AGO on Nuke, lost Fate, and beat Pakt. It looks like the only one result that matters is the one versus mens. This loss could break UOL’s morale or force them not to play Dust 2, which is their favorite map so far.

Map pool is a much bigger problem for Unicorns of Love. Both teams do not like to play Train, and Apeks can try to risk and pick it, as UOL will definitely ban Mirage, which Norwegian team likes to play. However, most likely, this is not going to happen because Apeks is okay with picking Overpass, on which UOL got four losses in four games for the last three months. Vertigo is another option for Norse. The German team has no choice but to pick Dust 2 or Inferno, and Apeks will definitely be fine with it. Even if the series goes to the decider, Apeks still will be favorite, no matter the map.

HellRaisers vs SKADE (bo3) 18 CEST

This match is more unpredictable. On the one hand, HellRaisers won the game versus SKADE on Dust 2 on June 4. On the other hand, SKADE changed two players from that moment. This is nearly half of the team! Of course, in CS:GO you need a lot of time to establish team chemistry after the substitutes, but sometimes the first matches after the changes are always better than before them. You do not have any conflicts in the team, and everyone wants to prove himself. Lack of information about your new playstyle is another thing.

Speaking about map pool, SKADE is definitely removing Vertigo, while HellRaisers ban Overpass. Both teams like to play on Inferno, Dust 2, and Train, but SKADE got Mirage as an extra option. HR play this map rarely and not that good. Nuke is most likely not to be picked during the first stage and banned during the second one.

Overall, this match-up looks very close, and any result will not be surprising.

Cyber.Bet is one of the best CS:GO betting websites. It is the best place to bet on Cyber.Bet Summer Cup, because of exclusive betting markets with the highest odds!

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