Cyber.Bet Summer Cup. Grand final preview: HellRaisers vs FATE

Cyber.Bet Summer Cup. Grand final preview: HellRaisers vs FATE

Day 10 of Cyber.Bet Summer Cup brought us another 2:0 result. FATE decisively beat Illumiar in the lower bracket final and now got their chance to take revenge on HellRaisers.

As we predicted, to bet on FATE was the right decision as the odds on their victory were around 2.5 at some point. Illuminar risked during the draft stage and decided to pick Vertigo. The risk did not pay-off as they lost their map and then lost Train as well.

Here is the last portion of CS:GO gambling advice for Cyber.Bet Summer Cup 2020.

HellRaisers – FATE – 1:0 (bo5) 19 CEST, June 26

First, be aware that the grand final is the best of five with one map advantage for the team from the upper bracket.

Those teams have already faced each other in the upper bracket final. FATE was leading 15:10 on the decisive map Dust 2 but ‘threw’ their advantage and lost the whole series. It sometimes happens even on tier one level, and it is not the reason to think that the Bulgarian team will fail again.

Of course, one map advantage is a lot in CS:GO, but in the game of equal teams there is a chance to win the game even with such a handicap. FATE will ban Nuke, HR are the clear favorites on Vertigo, but on any other map, FATE can give a fight to the CIS team.

The thing is that the Bulgarian squad needs to win three out of three maps without mistake or perform a miracle on Vertigo. That is why HellRaisers’ victory looks like a more probable outcome.

Make your CS:GO bets at the Cyper.Bet Summer Cup grand final with the best odds here!


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