Don’t miss the top event: the UEFA Nations League is around the corner!

Don’t miss the top event: the UEFA Nations League is around the corner!

The upcoming season of the new international football tournament contested by senior men’s European teams, UEFA member associations, will start on Thursday, 3 September. The League Phase will continue till November 2020. Nations League Finals will take place in September-October 2021 and the play-offs – in March 2022.

LeagueMatchday 1
3-5 September 2020

Matchday 2
6-8 September 2020

Matchday 3
10-11 October 2020

Matchday 4
13-14 October 2020

Matchday 5
14-15 November 2020

Matchday 6
17-18 November 2020
FinalsSeptember-October 2021
Play-outs24–25 March 2022
28–29 March 2022

As far as you know, a draw game took place on 3 March 2020 in Amsterdam. According to its results, 55 European teams will participate in the championship. They are broken down into four Leagues (A, B, C, and D). This division principle a bit differs from the one in the previous season. The first three Leagues include 16 teams each, and the fourth League contains seven ones. As to Leagues A, B, and C, the teams are arranged into four pots, and as to League D – into two ones. This allocation was determined in accordance with the 2018–2019 UEFA Nations League ranking.

In the tournament, the so-called home-and-away principle will be applied. There will be games within the groups. The group winners will be moved forward to the higher Leagues, and the losers will be downgraded. Thanks to this principle, the quantity of League Phase games will extremely increase, and the number of friendly matches will significantly decrease. That way, there will be less meaningless non-competitive football and more breathtaking games to bet on!

The championship trophy is participation in butting matches that open doors to the World Cup in Qatar!

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