ESPADA — a newly-crowned champion of CS:GO Cyber.Bet Golden League 2020

ESPADA — a newly-crowned champion of CS:GO Cyber.Bet Golden League 2020

Last Saturday, CS:GO Cyber.Bet Golden League 2020 tournament came to an end! And we are here to congratulate a new champion, share bitter failures, and point out key moments!

Let us recall, the event started on October 26, sixteen European teams competed for the total prize fund of $20,000. Although all the participants were quite worthy, some of them showed more considerable promise before the opening whistle. 

Thus, before the group stage, one of the teams we laid hopes on was AGF. After quite a shaky start, these guys even achieved good results in the 4th and 5th rounds of the group stage, but at that, they were played out. 

Ethereal and Singularity have absolutely disappointed their fans — they didn’t win a single map within the group stage! We hope that next time, these teams will gather themselves up and produce better results.

When it came to the playoffs, two tournament favorites had been determined — Movistar Riders and Skade. Natus Vincere Junior, Izako Boars, Lilmix turned out to be quite strong contestants, they managed to enter the playoffs with one series loss each. But four more strong participants (HellRaisers, Copenhagen Flames, ESPADA, and Winstrike Team) joined in with them in the playoffs and changed the situation for their own benefit.

For example, Movistar Riders managed to make it into the quarterfinals, but the playoff invited participant, Winstrike Team, didn’t let them move forward. Izako Boars came up against almost the same situation, while ESPADA smashed Natus Vincere Junior with a clean score. The group stage favorite, Skade, was unexpectedly beaten by SJ Gaming in the first round of the playoffs. The latter was easily crushed by another playoff invited team – HellRaisers.

So then, by the semifinals, there were only four playoffs invited teams left to show off the game of the strongest. However, ESPADA definitely had no equal here, their victory was quite evident once they had entered the game. They easily smashed NAVI Junior in the quarterfinals, beat CPH Flames in the semifinals, and gained clear victory over HellRaisers in the Grand Final.

As a result, ESPADA took home $9,000 and won the title of Cyber.Bet Golden League 2020 champion. The total prize fund amounting to $20,000 is allocated in the following way:

Screenshot source:

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