GAMZIX FREE SPIN DAYS – July Edition is already here! Dive into the world of fascinating slots and big winnings – enjoy Gamzix games and plenty of generous bonuses. Start your casino journey with a minimum bet of 0.2 EUR, keep your adventures endless with free spins, and head to your victory. See the rules for participation below. Good luck! 

Dates: 1-7 July; 8-14 July; 25-31 July.

How to win: Bet 75 EUR in total to get 50 free spins.

Game – participants: all Gamzix games.

50 free spins awarded in a game: listed in a table below.

Terms and Conditions

The Gamzix FREE SPINS DAYS will run:

1) between 21:00 UTC on the 1th of July  till 21:00 UTC the 7th of July 2022;

2) between 21:00 UTC on the 8th of June till 21:00 UTC the 14th of July 2022;

3) and between 21:00 UTC on the 25th of July  till 21:00 UTC the 31th of July 2022.

The player plays all Gamzix games, Total Bet is summed up for all, but free spins are given for the certain game once every day, right after meeting the conditions.

MinBet = 0,2 EUR.

FS Bet Amount = 0,2 EUR.

FS Total Bet = 10 EUR.

FREE SPINS DAY DateFree Spins Awarded inFREE SPINS DAY startFREE SPINS DAY finish
01.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 30.06.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 01.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
02.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 01.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 02.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
03.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 02.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 03.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
04.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 03.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 04.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
05.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 04.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 05.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
06.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 05.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 06.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
07.07.2022Really Hot Flaming EditionStart 06.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 07.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
08.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 07.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 08.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
09.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 08.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 09.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
10.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 09.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 10.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
11.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 10.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 11.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
12.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 11.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 12.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
13.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 12.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 13.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
14.07.2022Sunny Coin: Hold The SpinStart 13.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 14.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
25.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 24.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 25.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
26.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 25.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 26.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
27.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 26.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 27.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
28.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 27.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 28.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
29.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 28.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 29.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
30.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 29.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 30.07.22 at 21:00 UTC
31.07.2022Hot PatrickStart 30.07.22 at 21:00 UTCFinish 31.07.22 at 21:00 UTC

Competition Gamzix and Compensation System

 Free Spins are valid until 21:00 UTC of the current day. Wager does not apply to free spins.

  1. Currency conversion displayed to the player is counted by the current day interbank exchange rate (euro is the default currency).
  2. One player is only entitled to a bonus once a day, it’s impossible to claim the achievement bonus more than once.
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