Playson wild VIP party

Playson wild VIP party

VIPs, get ready to compete for a €5,000 prize pool! The winner gets €3,000 – will you rise to the challenge?

Tournament will be held from 12 to 15 October. The more you play the selected Playson games, the more points you get. 

Make the best out of the Happy Hours feature! From 18:00 to 23:00 UTC your points will be multiplied.

13.10 — 2x points during Happy Hours

14.10 — 3x points during Happy Hours

15.10 — 5x points during Happy Hours

Make your way to the top of the leaderboards: 10 lucky players will get cash prizes and 10 more will receive their share of 1,000 free spins!

Terms and Conditions:

1. The promotion takes place from 12/10/2023 (00:00:00 UTC) to 15/10/2023 (23:59:00 UTC).

2. The promotion is a tournament in the games of the Playson provider.

3. To participate in the promotion, user has to make bets in the following games: 

Energy Coins: Hold and Win, Coin Strike: Hold and Win, Lion Gems: Hold and Win, 777 Sizzling Wins: 5 lines, Wolf Land: Hold and Win, 3 Pots Riches: Hold and Win, Luxor Gold: Hold and Win, Crown and Diamonds: Hold and Win, Pearl Ocean: Hold and Win, Solar King, Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win, Burning Fortunator, Royal Fortunator: Hold and Win, Royal Joker: Hold and Win, Empire Gold: Hold and Win.

4. Only bets made in the games, mentioned in par.3 of these Terms and Conditions will be taken into account when calculating the results. The base currency of the tournament is USD. Minimum bet is 0.40 USD / 2 BRL / 380 CLP

5. Tournament Duration – 4 days. 

6. Points will be awarded for the amount of bets at the rate of 1 USD / 5 BRL / 950 CLP = 1 point. Accrual of points in other currencies is made automatically in recalculation to the base currency of the tournament according to the current exchange rate.

6.1. In the framework of Happy Hours, which will take place:

13/10/2023 from 18:00:00 UTC to 23:00:00 UTC

14/10/2023 from 18:00:00 UTC to 23:00:00 UTC

15/10/2023 from 18:00:00 UTC to 23:00:00 UTC

an additional multiplier (x2) 13/10/2023, (x3) 14/10/2023, (x5) 15/10/2023 will be applied to all players’ points earned within the current tournament.

7. Earned points will be added up when the tournaments’ results are summed up and will be displayed in the leaderboard. The more points scored, the higher will be the participant’s position. 

8. The leaderboard is updated every 3-4 minutes (in the event of an emergency, the update can take up to 30 minutes). 

9. With the equal number of points, the highest position will be taken by the participant, who was the first to score the points. 

10. The prize will be split among the first 20 players. Prize fund: 5 000 USD / 25 000 BRL / 4 750 000 CLP and 1000 free spins.

10.1. Free spins will be issued in the form of a promotional code that the user must activate. Wager for wagering free spins – x5.

11. Only one game account is allowed to participate in the promotion. If duplicate accounts of the same user are found, bets from such accounts will not be taken into account when summing up the promotion results. 

12. By participating in this promotion, you automatically agree to the basic Terms and Conditions.

13. The Operator has the right to withdraw or amend this offer without specifying the reasons and prior notices. 

14. Each player will receive a personal tournament ID for the leaderboard. 

15. Only completed spins will get on the leaderboard. 

16. In case of a malfunction, winnings may be annulled.

Rules for determining the winners

1. Winners of each tournament will be determined by scoring that meets the terms of this promotion. Determination of the winners will take up to 3 days after the end of the tournament.

2. After the end of the tournament, money prizes will be credited to the game accounts of the winners.

Prize Pool
From placeTo placePrizeSum
113000 USD / EUR3000 USD / EUR
22800 USD / EUR800 USD / EUR
33400 USD / EUR400 USD / EUR
45180 USD / EUR360 USD / EUR
67120 USD / EUR240 USD / EUR
89100 USD / EUR200 USD / EUR
1010300 FS 300 FS
1111200 FS200 FS
1212150 FS150 FS
1313100 FS100 FS
141450 FS50 FS
151550 FS50 FS
161650 FS50 FS
171730 FS30 FS
181830 FS30 FS
191920 FS20 FS
202020 FS20 FS
Total5000 USD / EUR + 1000 FS
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