Six November 2020 Major: Results

Six November 2020 Major: Results

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Having lasted for a whole month, Six November 2020 Major finally came to an end! The tournament featured a number of regional competitions across the globe. So, let’s take a look at the highlights and results of them. 


Team Empire became a winner of Six November 2020 Major Europe. The Russian team defeated French BDS Esport with a 3:0 score. On the way toward the Grand Final, the future victor crushed Tempra Esports. Renshiro’s team also made good running; they gained two victories over in the semifinals and lower bracket finals. 

The winner gained $62,500, while the runner-up took home $31,250. Despite the results of the final match, both finalists got Six Invitational 2021 slots!

Let’s recall, the European competition took place on November 6-8; four European League teams competed for the overall prize fund of $125,000. As a result, it was shared among the contestants in the following way:

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Team Liquid had no equal in Six November 2020 Major Brazil. The guys triumphantly smashed Ninjas in Pyjamas in Semifinals and beat Team oNe in the Finals with a 3:1 score. Brazil’s champion got $50,000. The total prize pool is allocated as listed:

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It is noteworthy that it’s the second time Team Liquid became a champion this year (victory over NiP in Pro League Season 11).


Estral Esports distinguished themselves in the battle against Timbers Esports in Mexican competition and gained a $10,000 share of the total $17,000 prize amount. The latter got $7,000.

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North America 

Six Major 2020 NA featured TSM, Oxygen Esports, Spacestation Gaming, and DarkZero Esports. The participants fought for a $62,500 first-place award.  

The event started with the encounter between the “gold medalist” of US Division Stage 2 (DarkZero Esports) and the qualifier winner (Spacestation Gaming), which ended in the triumph of Spacestation Gaming. Keeping good performance, these guys managed to make it into the grand final and even had beaten the future champion, TSM, in the process. The winners-to-be, in their turn, fell to the lower bracket to play against DarkZero and compete for the spot in the grand final. After a brilliant performance, TSM took the lead and moved forward to the grand final. 

Being one of the biggest favorites in the tournament and having one map advantage, SSG underestimated their opponents when meeting them in the decisive battle and let their guard down. Driven by a desire to win back after a failure in the summer series, TSM capitalized on the situation and snatched victory from their opponents.

The distribution of prizes is as follows:

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Asia & Pacific 

As far as you remember, this regional competition was split into three sub-divisions: North, South Asia, and Oceania. 

North division finals featured a game between Cloud9 and Giants Gaming. This battle was quite easy for Giants Gaming, they smashed the opponents with a 3:0 score and gained $25,600.

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In the Oceania finals, Wildcard Gaming played against Okami. After a shaky start on Oregon, Wildcard Gaming managed to win back and pulled out a victory with a 3:1 score.

The prize pool is distributed as seen below:

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As to South Asia, it seemed that the tournament’s favorite, Union Gaming, with their early lead in the final, had every chance to win. But their opponents, MercenarieZ, didn’t want to give up. This final game turned into a thrilling back-and-forth fight, keeping us in suspense until the final deciding map, where MrcZ started to gain the upper hand. As a result, the competition ended in MercenarieZ’s victory with a 3:2 close score.

$15,000 prize fund is allocated in the following way:

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Thus, the end of the event has determined 16 teams-participants of Six Invitational 2021:

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The rest contestants of Six Invitational 2021 will be seeded via Regional Qualifiers. Stay tuned with Cyber.Bet!

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