UEFA Nations League: first takeaways

UEFA Nations League: first takeaways

The first week of the UEFA Nations League has come to its end. We all are on a sharp lookout for the course of this event. To keep you posted, we’ve made a review of the first results for you. 

Even though the championship has just started, everything’s ahead, and there are a lot of breathtaking games in store for us, the first two matchdays are already notable for several remarkable matches. 

For instance, Iceland-England match, a quite evenly going game with a rather predictable draw outcome, ended by England’s win, surprisingly enough. It was Raheem Sterling who carried his teammates to victory in the stoppage time. 

Raheem Sterling’s goal within a penalty kick produced an exciting finish of the first matchday and made the game stand out.

Another match that is worth mentioning is the one between France and Sweden. Generally, the game wasn’t notable for dynamic and thrilling moments; neither of the teams owned the game. In the 41st minute of the match, however, a French striker Kylian Mbappe showed off his mastery, scoring a goal from a nearly impossible angle, and tallied the winner. The winning goal of the French football player brightened up the match and salted a game away.

Portugal thumped Croatia 4:1. Even the absence of injured Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t become an obstacle to Portugal’s victory. Portuguese were keeping opponents off the board, giving no chance. 

Some experts believe that Croatians play rather apathetically without Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. Anyway, Croatia should regroup to avoid the possible defeat in the upcoming matches.

Despite the fact that the outcome of the Netherlands-Poland match wasn’t surprising, the game was significantly pepped up by Dutch football player Steven Bergwijn who scored the winning goal in the 61st minute of the match.

The Russia-Hungary match was getting under the skin. Russian national team opened the scoring in the 15th minute of the game. It seemed that having scored three goals, Russians were drastically making their way towards the victory. Later, however, with a score 3:0, the Russian team hit the snooze button. Hungarians capitalized on a situation and managed to pull two goals back. Therefore, in the second half, the match became a cliffhanger. By the end of the game, the situation hadn’t changed, though.

It bears mentioning Italy’s victory over the Netherlands, for only one goal scored by Nicolo Barella enabled the team to come out on top of Group 1 in the League A. 

Here’s the list of the first two matchdays’ results:

Matchday 1

  • Germany 1-1 Spain
  • Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland 
  • Russia 3-1 Serbia
  • Turkey 0-1 Hungary
  • Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of Ireland
  • Finland 0-1 Wales
  • Moldova 1-1 Kosovo 
  • Slovenia 0-0 Greece
  • Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta 
  • Latvia 0-0 Andorra 
  • Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Netherlands 1-0 Poland 
  • Norway 1-2 Austria
  • Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland
  • Scotland 1-1 Israel 
  • Slovakia 1-3 Czech Republic
  • Belarus 0-2 Albania 
  • Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan
  • Iceland 0-1 England
  • Denmark 0-2 Belgium 
  • Portugal 4-1 Croatia
  • Sweden 0-1 France
  • Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg
  • Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro 
  • North Macedonia 2-1 Armenia
  • Estonia 0-1 Georgia
  • Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino

Matchday 2

  • Spain 4-0 Ukraine 
  • Switzerland 1-1 Germany
  • Serbia 0-0 Turkey 
  • Hungary 2-3 Russia 
  • Wales 1-0 Bulgaria
  • Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland 
  • Slovenia 1-0 Moldova 
  • Kosovo 1-2 Greece
  • Andorra 0-1 Faroe Islands
  • Malta 1-1 Latvia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 Poland
  • Netherlands 0-1 Italy 
  • Austria 2-3 Romania
  • Northern Ireland 1-5 Norway
  • Czech Republic 1-2 Scotland
  • Israel 1-1 Slovakia
  • Kazakhstan 1-2 Belarus
  • Albania 0-1 Lithuania
  • Belgium 5-1 Iceland
  • Denmark 0-0 England
  • France 4-2 Croatia 
  • Sweden 0-2 Portugal 
  • Cyprus 0-1 Azerbaijan 
  • Luxembourg 0-1 Montenegro 
  • Armenia 2-0 Estonia
  • Georgia 1-1 North Macedonia 
  • San Marino 0-2 Liechtenstein

We’ll keep you posted, follow the latest news at Cyber.Bet!

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