Weekly boosted odds

Weekly boosted odds

Are you ready to boost your winning pot? It’s about time! Give an impulse to your betting activity with our new monthly promotion! Now, with Cyber.bet, you have the opportunity to win more with the same amount of your funds involved!

What is it about?

Every month, Cyber.bet is going to offer boosted odds on a particular event. Namely, the odds on all matches within the event will be increased by up to 50% for the period of one week. We’ll focus on the most significant and high-profile tournaments in the world of sports, like matches of the UEFA Champions League, World Hockey Championship games, encounters of the Premier League, NBA matchups, and other popular competitions.

How does it work?

It’s easy to see how the promotion actually makes a difference. Let’s delve into a particular example. Say, within the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool is expected to face off against Real Madrid. You might come across odds of 2.07 on a Liverpool win and 3.24 – on a Real Madrid win. As part of the promotion, you’ll get 4.14 and 6.48, respectively. Therefore, by betting on this match, you can ensure that you gain more winnings should your wager be successful! In a nutshell, within the framework of the promo, one single bet can bring you twice as much profit! 

How to participate?

Everyone can take advantage of this promo; no special action or additional deposits are required! You just need to be our registered user and place a bet on a sporting event participating in the promotion. And, of course, you need to keep an eye on the promotion calendar so as not to miss an offer in action. Our goal is to keep you constantly updated; that’s why the information about the tournament with increased odds will be emailed to you twice – three days in advance and on the day of the promotion. Also, this information will be available on our website and on the websites of our partners.

Get the most out of the promo

There’s no doubt that enhanced odds promos can work to your advantage, although that doesn’t mean that you should blindly take every one of these deals – you should make smart use of them. 

For instance, you can make up a combo bet to maximize the benefit from odds boost promotions. It means that you can increase the odds of several different outcomes. Say, you might wish to bet on Chelsea and find decent increased odds on three more matches within the England Premier League. Once again, you can enhance potential returns significantly! 

Another thing that will enhance your betting experience here is that promotions with improved odds will also give you extra incentive to try markets you’ve never bet on before and expand your horizons!

What’s more, this offer may be used in conjunction with any other offer. So, seize the chance to derive multiple profits! Get the best odds today with us! Stay in the loop with our latest updates, and we will be sure to point you in the right direction. There’s no reason why you should miss out on the top promos!

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