When will football return?

When will football return?

Big football has already getting back from pause caused by coronavirus pandemic. Some national championships have restarted, and some are on their way to relaunch. Find all the dates of top football leagues resuming below.

Already playing football:

Germany. The lockdown in Germany was one of the biggest in Europe. That is why the country suffered from coronavirus not that much and came back to nearly full life. Bundesliga was the first top league to restart. The first matches after the lockdown were played on May 16. Moreover, it seems that the champion is already crowned as Borussia Dortmund lost to Bayern Munich and now reigning champions have the seven-point advantage with just five games of the season left.

Portugal. Portuguese championship is the second top European league that returned from the break. The first matches of Primera Liga were played on June 3.

Ukraine. Ukraine underwent the biggest lockdown from the FSU countries, and like in Germany they returned to normal life very fast. Ukrainian clubs played their first matches after the break on May 30.

Denmark. Danish league returned on May 28 and dominated the sports news last weekend. The season was restarted with the game between Aarhus and Randers. Randers’ fans had the possibility to ‘visit’ the match in an unusual way. The club mounted big screens near the pitch that showed fans in the zoom conference. Photos from the game became viral, and now many people in the world know about the small Danish club.

Photo: https://twitter.com/AGFFodbold

Austria. Austria is one place above Denmark in UEFA ranking but restarted the football league one day later. In the national cup final, Saltsburg beat FK Austria Wien 5:0. The first league matches were played on June 2.

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Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Estonian, Serbian, Croatian and Norwegian leagues have also restarted.


France. The fifth league in UEFA ranking abandoned the current season at the end of April. The reason is simple: the French government issued a law that forbids all sports events until September. The league crowned PSG as a champion. The team from Paris was 12 points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand.

Photo: https://twitter.com/Ligue1Conforama

Netherlands. Netherlands league abandoned the season even before France as all public events in the country are also under a ban. Opposed to France, Eredivisie decided not to determine the champion or clubs that leave the league. All teams that started the season 2019/20 participate in the next one.

Belgium. The decision about shutting down the season in Belgium was taken at the beginning of April. Brugge was crowned as a champion. They led the tournament table being 15 points ahead of the second place after 29 matches from 30. The thing is in Belgium, after 30 rounds additional stage is played. Teams are divided into two groups, and points are reset.

Scotland. Scottish Premier League is also abandoned. However, Ladbrokes Premiership is not about intrigue and suspense, and the champion here can be crowned not only after 30 matches from 38 played but before the start of the season. Celtic won yet another title while Rangers stayed the second.

Coming back soon:

England. After more than a month of debates, polemic, and players’ stunts, EPL finally started contact training and even agreed on the date of returning to the official games. EPL is restarting on June 17, but it is still unknown what matches are played this day.

Photo: https://twitter.com/GWijnaldum/

Spain. Spain suffered a lot from coronavirus pandemic, but local league restarts even earlier than the English one. The relaunched is scheduled for June 11. Considering the fact that the championship race is in full bloom, the reload is going to be hot!

Italy. It is not a secret that Italy suffered from coronavirus the most in Europe. For a long time, there was a threat that the season will not go on. However, people in Italy love football and clubs want not only to earn money but also to support people in hard times by entertaining them. Serie A resumes on June 20, but national cup semifinals are played on June 13, with the final four days later.

Russia. Russian Premier League not only returns on June 19 but also will be played with a live audience. Clubs are allowed to welcome spectators if they took up no more than 10% of a given venue’s capacity. The final decision to be taken by each club and city government.

Turkey. The 27th round of the Turkish Super League is scheduled on June 12. Every team has already played 26 matches out of 34, and the fight for the championship is still there. Four top teams have only for points between them.

Switzerland. Swiss league returns on June 19. Like Denmark, local clubs showed an unusual way to work with the fans. One of the top local club Grasshopper is selling the possibility to put your cardboard mannequin in the stands. This cost 20 Swiss francs, and 24 hours after the launch of this offer, more than 1000 fans bought such option. All the profits will go to support Grasshopper football school.

Фото: www.gcz.ch
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