World Snooker Championship 2022 |

World Snooker Championship 2022 |

World Snooker Championship 2022

The snooker season starts at the end of May each year after qualifying and ends at the beginning of May the following year. In April, the season traditionally closes with the main event – a 17-day World Championship in Sheffield, the UK. Annually, the planet’s strongest players go to Britain for ranking points, the title, and huge prize money, drawing the attention of numerous sports betting enthusiasts across the globe, and this year’s edition will be no exception. The tournament will take place from April 16 to May 2, 2022. Such giants as Mark Selby and Judd Trump, are highly anticipated by the online snooker betting community. Other players such as Mark Williams, John Higgins, and Gary Wilson are expected to demonstrate a decent level of play, as well. Some newbie players, like Chang Bingyu, Andy Hicks, and Jamie O’Neill will also deserve attention.

So, let’s take a closer look at the World Snooker Championship 2022 favorites and weigh their chances. 

Will Mark Selby be able to win the champ title twice in a row?

Mark Selby, a four-time world champ, is currently the No. 1 professional player under the sun, with 1,102,500 points. He has left former champion Judd Trump behind. Trump has 989,000 points, just enough for second place, but there’s still a long way to go. Selby won his fourth world title in 2021 by defeating Shaun Murphy in the finals, which lifted him from fourth place to second in the standings.

Selby was in good shape throughout last season. After the 2021 Welsh Open, however, his confidence waned when he lost to Jordan Brown. Selby has failed to win or even come close to winning any of the tournaments he has participated in this season. He made it into the quarterfinals in the Champion of Champions tournament but made little further progress. Nevertheless, he is expected to show his best playing with the help of his coach, Chris Henry. The upcoming tournament edition is Selby’s most anticipated game. 

It is also worth noting that the finalist of the previous edition, Shaun Murphy, is strongly inferior in the chances for the title to the current leaders. According to experts, he is only sixth on the list of potential favorites, and his odds are less than 7%.

Is Judd Trump the main favorite?

The 2019 ‘Betfred’ Champ Judd Trump will also be a leader here. However, Trump’s season is not progressing the way we are used to. So far, he’s only won one tournament, the 2021 Champion of Champions. His other success includes making it into two quarterfinals and a semifinal. Even though Trump is not in great shape and is ranked second, he now has a better chance of winning than the reigning champ. Notably, the Englishman does not have an overwhelming advantage over his main competitors, and if you analyze the odds, the closest pursuers of the favorite are not far behind. 

What do the odds say about Ronnie O’Sullivan? 

Ronnie O’Sullivan is considered one of the most famous and talented athletes of all time. With 854,000 points, the ‘Rocket’ is No. 3 in the rankings. The six-time world champ reached the semifinals of the English Open. He also played in the quarterfinals of the Champion of Champions tournament. Sullivan is undefeated when it comes to his 20 Triple Crown titles, including Masters, ‘Betfred’ Championship, and UK Championship. In the upcoming tournament, his odds are estimated at around 5.

Neil Robertson is another contender for the trophy 

The fourth-best snooker player under the sun, with his 834,500 points, also has a say in who will win the champ title. He reached the quarterfinals in the Champion of Champions, and the Last 32 in the 2021 Northern Ireland Open. The Australian won the 2021 World Open Snooker Championship, which increases his chances of winning the main title.

World Snooker Championship 2022 betting online

The main event starts with the round of 32, which frequently features battles between heavy favorites from the top-10 of the world rankings and clear outsiders. However, it’s not worth considering clean score options, for, in the history of the competition, less than 3% of games ended in whitewash. At this stage of the World Snooker Championship 2022, you can turn your attention to handicap markets if the betting odds are higher than 3.

In the round of 16, you may expect more equal-in-strength opponents. In the lines, you’ll probably see a base total at 21.5, which breaks through in 70% of matches. So, Total Over betting options may be the best choice here. 

In the quarterfinals, it is worth considering betting on favorites, especially when the odds values are around 1.50. Favorites fully live up to their status in 9 out of 10 cases. 

In the finals of the ‘Betfred’ Championship, sensations are extremely rare. The favorites confirm their odds and celebrate their expected victories. But with handicaps and totals, everything is not so smooth. In the finals, you can also expect a fight from the underdogs, which leads to the breakdown of totals and handicaps. Therefore, don’t tempt your fate by selecting such options where the probability of success is at around 50%. 

Although the English continue to win the title year after year, there are also strong performers from Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and other countries. Thus, we should not completely rule out sensational results.  

When betting on this competition, you should also keep in mind that it consists of energy-sapping and hard confrontations, with the final game stretching over several days, as the winner is determined in the 35-frame match. So, the fatigue factor can also play its low-down trick here. For older players, it will be more difficult to keep in shape throughout the tournament, let alone withstand the opponent in the finals for several days in a row.

For snooker fans, it is the main event of the season. This tournament can attract even those people who usually don’t care about snooker. Don’t miss out on it, so you won’t regret passing over an opportunity to make your winning bets with the best odds at!

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