Who will win the Stanley Cup 2022?

Who will win the Stanley Cup 2022?

Who will win the Stanley Cup 2022?

Do you know that American knockout matches are considered the most interesting among those who prefer to bet on ice hockey because of the high-class playing and the great responsibility of participants? That’s exactly why there is no better event than the Stanley Cup to bet on, especially when it’s in full swing!

How does the Stanley Cup work?

The main part of the National Hockey League usually begins at the end of the regular season, in the middle of spring, and lasts for two months. The 16 strongest hockey clubs compete for the main trophy, silver bowl, and champion title. The competitors go through best-of-seven games, where any failure can be costly. Therefore, this part of the League is particularly characterized by tough fighting and profitable NHL betting odds

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs

This year’s edition sees its denouement reaching with the first finalist already known – the Colorado Avalanche. The Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers have also left other participants behind. 

The best West team in the regular season is confidently confirming its status in the playoffs – the Colorado Avalanche have already reached the finals for the first time since winning the 2001 edition! In the fourth game of the series against Edmonton, in a heated battle where Connor McDavid’s charges seemed to give it all to win, the Avalanche did not receive a single jolt! Earlier the Avs smashed Nashville Predators in round one and edged the St Louis Blues out in the second round. Having been one of the top contenders for the trophy for several years already, the Colorado Avalanche are now awaiting their opponent to be determined in the New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning series. 

The Rangers were fighting their way to conference finals with ‘pain and misery’. They were losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins 1-3, but they turned the tide and won. In the game against the Carolina Hurricanes, they were behind with a 2-3 score but managed to snatch victory. Skeptics argue that Sidney Crosby’s injury helped the Rangers in the first round, while an injury to Frederik Andersen and the weak play of goaltender Antti Raanta assisted in the second. But it’s not worth disparaging the merits of the New York hockey players! In knockout matches, the Rangers’ well-balanced team composition particularly catches the eye. If in the regular season, we always heard such names as Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, and Artemiy Panarin, now they’re getting serious support from the lower ranks, including Alexis Lafrenière, Philip Heatil, and Tyler Motta. They have an excellent back four, and Jake Trouba not only handles his direct duties but also masterly unbalances the opponents.

What can we say about the defending champions? The Bolts have gone through fire and water, toughened up in the most unpredictable tournament twists and turns, and built an almost perfect roster. The ambition to win a third straight trophy and make it into history guides the team. And they have only two steps ahead: to overcome the resistance of the New York Rangers and gain the upper hand over the Avs. Some experts believe that they have already passed their toughest opponent – Toronto Maple Leaves – that put their best foot forward and gave the Bolts a hard time. Yes, the Tampa Bay Lightning are favorites in the conference finals, but not undeniable. Right now, this is a very unpredictable confrontation – everything can happen as the series progresses. Anything, even the smallest factor, not to mention injuries, may tip the scales one way or the other. 

All in all, the favorite in the main fight for the trophy is still considered Colorado – analysts estimate the probability of their victory at 48%. Their main competitor is the Tampa Bay Lightning; its success is estimated at 24%. The third on this list is the New York Rangers, with quite low winning chances.

Stanley Cup betting features

NHL betting during the regular season is quite different from punting during the playoffs. In the playoffs, the leaders and rankings are clear, the future scenario is almost predictable, and the rates are relevant. Moreover, there are some recurring tendencies to capitalize on when staking on the Cup. 

First off, most clubs tend to play it safe here, which results in quite a low scoring, especially when it comes to deciding matches in the series. The highest number of goals can be seen only in the second period. In more than 70% of the encounters, the teams score two or more goals in the second twenty minutes. But the odds on this event can be rather low. In order to gain maximum profit, it is worth trying to wager live here. 

Also, it makes sense to pay particular attention to the first game, as it often determines the final score in a series. And don’t forget about the fatigue factor, lineups, and news within the teams! And if you want to find the best betting odds on your favorite Stanley Cup, welcome to Cyber.bet!

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